After finishing up the Jingle Cross weekend Grant headed home, while the rest of the gang stayed on the road and headed to Waterloo, Wisconsin for the Trek CXC World Cup. The course is held on Trek Headquarters, and typical September weather is dry, fast, bumpy, and hot. Friday afternoon Trek hosts a C2 event for the UCI racers, and the World Cup is held Sunday, giving racers a day to recover and to check out the World Cup course on Saturday.

Waterloo World Cup

With a heat index of 90 degrees, the C2 on Friday was so different then the World Cup on Sunday. With a cooler full of ice socks, Courtenay and Ruby took to the line in the blazing heat. Ruby shot off the line like a rocket holding steady in the front group, making an attack the first lap off the front! The heat soon took it’s toll on Ruby, as she eventually faded back to finish 14th. Courtenay worked to hold a steady pace throughout the hot race working to not burn too many matches for Sunday’s race and finished up 11th.

Waterloo World Cup

Over night rains on Saturday that continued clear into Sunday morning drenched the course leaving it a wet soupy mess. Sections of the course that were ridable and fast the day prior were nearly treacherous and slow. The rain’s stopped before the women’s race leaving what was soupy in areas to deep peanut butter ruts. The race became more about being smooth, smart, running early to maintain speed, and managing your efforts in the goopy mud. With a bit of a slow start for both Ruby and Courtenay they managed to find each other together about half way through the first lap (of 3), playing a bit of cat and mouse throughout the race, being there to help each other, and giggle at each other during the tough times of slogging. Courtenay went on to finish 11th while Ruby crossed the line right behind her in 12th, finishing up as the 2nd U23 Women in a stacked U23 field. When asked about her race, Ruby commented:

“I had a horrible start and start to the first lap and just kept moving forward. I was catching people instead of being caught and it felt good! I crashed a bunch, but who didn’t on that course and finished the day in 12th, my best World Cup by a long shot!”

Courtenay was just as happy with her race as Ruby:

“I had a good start off the line, but as soon as we hit the mud my glasses were caked in mud and I couldn’t really see through them, leaving me a bit apprehensive through the rutted mud on the first half lap and I went backwards after that. Once I was able to toss my glasses to Wes and Drew in the pit’s I started moving forward, making a good fair share of mistakes, and testing out my running legs (still need to find them), riding into the top ten, only to lose it on the last 2 minutes of the race. I crossed the line absolutely exhausted so I know I left everything out on course.”

Waterloo World Cup

After a solid 3 weeks of racing the team gets a weekend off of UCI CX racing before Grant and Ruby will pick it up again in Fayetteville, AK checking out the course location of the 2022 Cyclocross World Championships. This weekend, however, Courtenay and Grant are Grinduro bound! They’ll be racing their Pivot Vault in the High Sierras, showcasing the bike as the bike that does it all, from UCI Cyclocross racing to gravel grinding.

Courtenay will be doing an Instagram take over during the event on the Pivot Instagram. Get a peak of all the behind the scenes and fun times from the weekend.

Waterloo World Cup

Pivot Cycles

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