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Pivot Factory Racing

2023 Season Recap

As the dust settles on an exhilarating 2023 racing season,

Pivot Factory Racing can proudly reflect on a year filled with triumphs, challenges and unforgettable moments. From the Enduro World Cup to Crankworx and World Cup Downhill, the team showcased their prowess on diverse terrains, leaving an indelible mark on the mountain biking world.

Enduro Dominance

Morgane Charre, a powerhouse of the enduro squad, once again stamped her authority on the racecourse. Claiming victories at Pietra Ligure and Chatel EDR World Cups, she consistently graced the podium, securing an impressive second overall in the series. Morgane’s resilience and skill culminated in a triumphant engagement alongside her podium finishes, proving that success extends beyond the race tape.

Ed Masters

Teammate Ed Masters faced setbacks with a shoulder injury and breaking a knuckle, but his tenacity and charisma remained undiminished. Despite the hurdles, Ed’s performances on both the enduro and downhill bikes showcased his skill and passion for the sport. Adding a personal touch to the MTB community, Ed showcased his media talents through his notorious EdBull Media Instagram while not being able to be on the bike as much as he would have liked in 2023. 

“I’m looking forward to putting 2023s run of bad luck behind me and getting back between the tape and not outside of it.” – Ed

Matt Walker

Matt Walker, a cornerstone of the team, celebrated a career highlight with an impressive win in Canazei. Ending the season ninth overall, Matt’s consistency and determination solidified his status as an Enduro World Cup contender. The team’s third-place standing in the enduro team standings attested to their collective strength. 

Downhill Glory and Resilience: Bernard Kerr, Jenna Hastings & Jakob Jewett

In the downhill arena, Bernard Kerr demonstrated his unwavering prowess, finishing sixth overall and achieving notable placements, including two 5th place finishes in Andorra and Snowshoe, as well as an impressive 4th place finish at MSA. Kerr’s versatility was further showcased with his first Crankworx win in Innsbruck, marking another chapter in his illustrious career. 

Jenna Hasting, the UCI World Cup Downhill Champion in the Junior division from 2022, continued to make her mark. Despite a challenging start with a wrist injury, Jenna showcased resilience, securing a win at the Crankworx Downhill in Cairns and claiming multiple podiums. Her journey reflected growth, both as a rider and an individual, reinforcing the spirit of Pivot Factory Racing. 

Jakob Jewetts year was one of highs and lows. Overcoming mechanical challenges and unpredictable weather, he showcased speed and determination with a commendable 12th place in Snowshoe. Highlighting his potential, Jakob secured triumphs in Crankworx, including dual slalom wins in Innsbruck and Whistler. 

PFR Next Gen: Ryan, Dane and Teagan's Promising Debut

The boys of the Next Gen team, Ryan and Dane, made promising debuts on the junior circuit. Ryan’s resilience, despite a broken knuckle, led to a third-place finish in the Crankworx Whistler DH, while Dane celebrated victories in Innsbruck and Whistler DH, solidifying their impressive entry into the competitive world cup mountain biking scene. Ryan and Dane’s strong showings in 2023 is just a taste of what we will see from these boys in 2024. 

Teagan Heap

Teagan Heap’s podium-laden season, including a title win at the Dual Slalom National Champs, set the stage for her transition to the World Cup as a junior in 2024. With a decade of dedication, Teagan embodies the team’s spirit and anticipates a thrilling year ahead. 

“I’m really looking forward to starting my first World Cup season as a junior in 2024! I’ve been wanting to race world cups since I was 6 years old, so it’s been a good 10 years of riding and working towards the goal.” – Teagan

Team Unity and Triumphs Beyond Racing

Pivot Factory Racing’s remarkable year wasn’t just about podiums; it was about the camaraderie, resilience and passion that defines the team. Despite individual challenges, the collective triumphs speak volumes about the team’s commitment to excellence. 

The 2023 season showcased the team’s dominance with 7 EDR podiums, 3 DH World Cup podiums and an impressive 12 Crankworx podiums, half of them on the top step. Beyond the results, the team’s vibrant social media presence and YouTube coverage was a season highlight for fans and media alike. 

The curtain has closed on 2023, and Pivot Factory Racing eagerly anticipates the challenges and victories that 2024 holds. With an expanded roster, promising talents and a legacy of success, the team is poised to continue pushing boundaries and inspiring fans worldwide. Stay tuned for another thrilling chapter in the Pivot Factory Racing saga!