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At Pivot Cycles, we aim to be trailblazers in the cycling industry, not only in terms of bikes and technology, but also in our commitment to sustainability.

We firmly believe in shouldering this responsibility and have made significant strides to incorporate sustainable practices into our core values, and while we realize there is always more to do, we are continually working towards minimizing our impact on the environment. From working to eliminate plastic packaging to promoting bike-to-work initiatives and partnering with e-bike battery recycling programs, Pivot Cycles continuously strives to exemplify how businesses can create a positive impact on our planet.

Plastic-Free Packaging

At Pivot we recognize the impact that plastic pollution has on the environment. That’s why we are taking concerted action to eliminate plastic from our packaging. By diligently working towards reducing our plastic waste, we have achieved significant milestones. While we realize that completely plastic free packaging is a lofty goal, we are continually working towards this goal, and encourage our vendors and partners to adopt a similar approach.

Comprehensive Plastic Recycling

Minimizing plastic waste is a core value at Pivot Cycles. We have implemented a robust plastic recycling program to ensure that almost every piece of plastic that enters our doors is recycled. By taking responsibility for our plastic waste, we actively contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.

Bike-to-Work Initiatives

Sustainability starts with us, the members of the Pivot family. That’s why we have introduced bike-to-work initiatives for our employees. By encouraging and supporting our staff in commuting to work via bike, we actively offset our carbon footprint. It’s immensely impressive that our employees have biked over 25,000 miles to and from work in the 2 years since this initiative was introduced. This not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also fosters a healthy and active lifestyle among our team members.

Partnership with Call-to-Recycle

In our commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with Call-to-Recycle, an e-bike battery recycling program. With the ever-increasing popularity of e-bikes, the proper disposal of their batteries has become crucial. Understanding this need, we have joined hands with Call-to-Recycle to ensure the safe and responsible recycling of e-bike batteries. By participating in such initiatives, we support the ethical use of resources and the reduction of electronic waste. 

Our Mission

At Pivot Cycles we strive to be an exemplary model of sustainability in the cycling industry. Our initiatives, from heavily reducing plastic from packaging to implementing bike-to-work programs and partnering with e-bike battery recycling programs, demonstrate the commitment to reducing environmental impact. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental footprint of the products they choose, companies like ours set the stage for a more sustainable future.