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The First Ride Series: Ryan Griffith

In the heart of British Columbia's mountainous terrain lies a story of passion, determination and the pursuit of mountain biking dreams.

While many kids in BC envision themselves shredding World Cup racecourses someday, Ryan Griffith from Squamish is turning that dream into a reality. As a member of the Pivot Factory Racing: Next Gen Squad, Ryan’s journey traces back to his roots, where the thrill of his very first ride ignited a lifelong love affair with the sport.

At just six years old, Ryan embarked on his maiden mountain biking adventure at Silverstar Bike Park 20 minutes northeast of Vernon in BC. Despite the comically oversized gear borrowed from his brothers, Ryan found himself soaring through the trails alongside his father, hooked from the moment he felt the rush of the ride. Silverstar Bike Park became his playground, where he tackled jumps and embraced the diverse terrain, laying the foundation for his journey ahead.

“I had to borrow my brother’s gear and it was like, comically oversized. But yeah, me and my dad went out there together and I was pretty much hooked right away.”

Moving to Whistler

at the age of ten marked a pivotal moment for Ryan. Immersed in this mecca of mountain biking, he spent countless hours honing his skills, pushing his progression and envisioning a future on the World Cup stage. With each pedal stroke, he felt the allure of the sport grow stronger, fueled by the camaraderie of fellow riders and the boundless opportunities for progression. 

Ryan's competitive spirit emerged early on,

spurred by the encouragement of his family and fueled by a desire to win. A defining moment came when, at just nine years old, he confidently told his parents he could win a local race during a family visit to Whistler, an aspiration he swiftly turned into reality. From that moment on, Ryan’s journey took on a new trajectory, guided by ambition and the taste of victory.  

“When visiting Whistler one year, there was this little local race, and I said to my parents, ohh, I’ll totally win that. Which sounds kind of cocky, but I did end up winning it”

Transitioning to the global stage

brought its share of challenges for Ryan. The scale of international races and the presence of seasoned competitors tested his resolve, yet each hurdle served as a steppingstone towards growth. Reflecting on his debut World Cup season, Ryan acknowledges the daunting nature of competing against the world’s best, but his passion for the sport and relentless pursuit of improvement kept him driven. 

Amidst the adversity

that accompanies any meaningful journey, Ryan has found solace in the support of the mountain biking community, a network of like-minded individuals bound by a shared love for the sport. Whether it’s the camaraderie on local trails or the invaluable mentorship within the Pivot Factory Racing team, Ryan draws strength and inspiration from the collective spirit of his fellow riders. 

The Next Gen squad has been massive for me, having the people you look up to as mentors and being surrounded by good people has helped a lot. It’s priceless actually, the support, the equipment, it’s been amazing” 

As Ryan sets his sights on the 2024 season,

his objectives are straightforward: maintaining consistency, prioritizing health and striving for podium finishes. With a diligent training regimen, specific race-day preparations and a well-rounded offseason routine, he stays committed to his goals. While setbacks may arise, Ryan’s unwavering focus on his dreams propels him forward. 

In summing up his journey, Ryan reflects on the past few years of dedication, dreams realized and the sheer joy of living out his passion. From the trails of Silverstar bike park to racing on the international stage, his journey epitomizes the essence of mountain biking, a testament to the transformative power of chasing one’s dreams. 

“This journey has been something I’ve thought about and dreamt about for my entire life. So, I’m living a dream come true and I’m having the time of my life doing it.” 
For Ryan Griffith, the journey has only just begun. 

To keep up with Ryan’s journey follow him on Instagram.