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Suspension Science

Pedaling Efficiency

Square Edge Bump Compliance

Frame Alignment

Fully Active Braking

Suspension science at Pivot Cycles spans three decades of innovation and critical engineering partnerships.

Like layers of symphonic sound, Pivot suspension design blends a complex set of performance standards built around the dw-link to create the renowned Pivot ride quality.


The pioneering days of suspension science were not always marked by easy collaboration. Dave Weagle and Chris Cocalis, two uncompromising perfectionists, came to the table with different sets of performance curves.

While Pivot engineers were innovating with chainstay length and fully active braking, Weagle was developing curves that would bring an entirely new design language to mountain biking: anti-squat.

"I’ve discovered my most perfect anti-squat curve.” - Dave Weagle

That “most perfect curve” became the first Pivot ever built – a Mach 4, which hangs in the lobby of our world headquarters. Together they achieved a balance that had never been achieved before.

Pedal Efficiency

Getting More for the Same

Pedaling efficiency and anti-squat go together hand in hand. Simply put, anti-squat is the reaction of the suspension when accelerating. Pivot’s anti-squat technology allows our bikes to be stiff when pushing the pedals uphill, without affecting your comfort in the descent.

Square Edge Bump Compliance

Square edge bump compliance, or variable Wheel Travel Path, refers to the path the wheel travels to maintain momentum while going over obstacles with square edges. The wheel moves slightly back, and then up and over to help displace the force of hitting the edge. This helps to maintain traction and momentum not only climbing over rocks and other obstacles, but also while flying downhill.

Frame Alignment

Our 1-piece rear triangles contribute heavily to frame alignment and stiffness in our bikes. The frame alignment is key to unifying the handling, tracking, and many moving parts on the bike. Pivot’s proprietary quality control measures set leading standards for alignment tolerances. Compact stiff linkages mean fewer moving parts on the frame, which translates not only to less maintenance, but also creates the precision handling Pivots are known for.

Fully Active Braking

Braking shouldn’t affect your suspension. With our fully active braking the suspension stays active, it doesn’t extend and buck the rider forward. This makes it possible for the bike to still eat the trail while braking, keeping a smooth ride braking over bumps or any terrain.