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Quality Control: A Pursuit of Perfection

At Pivot, our reputation for relentless quality has been a pillar on which our company stands.

So naturally, a stringent and thorough quality control (QC) process is mandatory for every bike that leaves our factory. From laser alignment to blemish checks, our QC is among the most stringent in the entire industry, and we do not shy away from that bold claim 

Industry-Leading QC Process

Overall, Pivot’s QC process is among the most rigorous in the entire mountain bike industry. By utilizing laser alignment, blemish checks, and a continual QC process, we ensure that each bike meets our high standards for performance and safety.  

But what does this mean for the rider? It means that when you purchase a Pivot, you can trust that it has been thoroughly inspected and tested for optimal performance. You can hit the trails with confidence, knowing that your bike is ready to handle whatever you throw at it.   

In an industry where many companies prioritize quantity over quality, we stand out as a company that values performance and quality above all else. Pivot’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous QC process, which sets a high standard for the entire mountain bike industry. 

Laser Alignment

Speaking to our pursuit of perfection, we use proprietary laser alignment technology as a critical part of the QC process. This process includes our proprietary laser alignment check gauges to ensure we hold our strict alignment tolerances that are more than twice as stringent as the industry standards. Our rigidly tight standards allow us the ability to use ABEC 3 tolerances but with MAX style pivot bearings, which run smoother and last longer.

These technologies ensure that each frame is perfectly aligned, a crucial step for the bike’s overall performance. A misaligned frame can lead to issues with handling, stability and even safety.  

Cosmetic Checks

Another critical aspect of Pivot’s QC process is our thorough cosmetic checks for paint blemishes and other possible cosmetic issues. While many might assume this is just to ensure you receive a clean, blemish-free frame, there is more to it than that. Blemishes, such as paint chips or scratches, may not seem like a big deal, but can lead to more cosmetic issues over time. Because of this, our team inspects each frame carefully for any signs of blemishes, ensuring that each bike is structurally sound and trail ready. 

Thinner Than a Human Hair

It sounds crazy, but Pivot’s tolerance for passing a QC check is thinner than a human hair. This level of precision ensures that each bike that leaves our factories meets the highest standards for performance and safety. By setting such high standards, we guarantee that our bikes are among the best performing and consistent in the industry, and it is a big reason Pivot’s hold their value better than other brands.  

Continual QC Process

Pivot’s QC process is continual, meaning it does not go through just one QC check and sign-off. In fact, our process continues at each step of the bike’s journey to your trails. This means that each bike undergoes multiple QC inspections and signoffs before it ships to your dealer. Ensuring each Pivot performs precisely as expected, so all you need to worry about is riding.