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Pivot Gravel Bikes: Unrivaled Performance, Epic Adventures. Crafted for the ultimate gravel experience, Pivot's Gravel Bikes combine unmatched versatility and speed. Whether it's a long scenic journey or a punishing sprint, our gravel machines empower you to conquer anything you set out to.




Blue and white round frame
29″ Wheel Size
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The Cyclist Menu & Patagonia Demo Fleet

At Pivot Cycles, we understand that great cycling experiences go hand in hand with excellent food and hospitality. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Cyclist’s Menu to bring you an unforgettable gravel experience amidst the picturesque Patagonia landscape and beyond. 

Experience the Vault in Patagonia

About The Cyclist Menu

The Cyclist’s Menu is the brainchild of two passionate souls—Zander Ault, a farm-to-table chef, and Heidi Rentz Ault, a former mountain bike pro and coach. Alongside a team of professionals, they host cycling camps that are renowned for their transformational experiences. Together, we believe in the power of food, cycling and a deep love for life to create incredible adventures. 

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