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Setting New Sights, For Sight Unseen

Norway is well known for its staggeringly beautiful and dramatic landscapes, its interesting and ancient mythologies, and its midnight sun during the summer months. What’s less known is the country’s policies on trail use. Norway is among just a handful of places that incorporate the “right to roam” law. The right to roam, also called the right of access (allemannsretten) is a traditional right dating back to ancient times. Since 1957, it has also been enshrined in the Outdoor Recreation Act. The right ensures that everyone can experience nature, even in big, privately owned areas. Outdoor recreation is a big part of Norway’s national identity, as is showing respect to nature. That respect is a key component to right to roam’s success for Norway, as there’s an inherent amount of trust being placed on trail users of all stripes in order to validate such a progressive approach to recreational land use.

Pivot Cycle’s athlete and storyteller, Brice Shirbach, has long held Norway at the top of his “bucket list” for most of his life. Once he became aware of the right to roam law, the desire to explore the northern European dreamscape became irresistible. The juxtaposition between how Norway manages public land use and how America handles it was something Brice wanted to gain a better understanding of, and of course, the idea of pushing oneself in a completely new environment has always been his favorite part of mountain biking. The production team consisted of cinematographer Drew Bennett and photographer Katie Lozancich, along with Brice’s wife Megan and Drew’s partner Lauren, and the adventure was on. Join them as they experience the warmth of the Norwegian culture firsthand, and dive headfirst into the steep, loamy, and beautiful trails that surround Sogndal, Norway.

The Result

The fourth season of Pivot Cycles’ Sight Unseen features the breathtaking landscapes of Norway. Athlete and creator Brice Shirbach traveled Norway to experience the warmth of the Norwegian culture, and dive headfirst into the steep, loamy, and beautiful trails that surround Sogndal, Norway.

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