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Patents and Proprietary Designs

Imagination at Pivot exceeds “a spark,” most often it is a roaring blaze.

In order to improve the performance of bicycle technology, Pivot founders and engineers continually seek the realization of new concepts.

No bicycle detail is too small to warrant our consideration.

Exclusive research and development conducted on a daily basis produces the data, drawings, specifications, testing experiences, and know-how feeds Pivot’s deep well of intellectual property.

Iso Flex

Iso Flex, exclusive to our Vault and E-Vault bikes is a ride smoothing sleeve that provides a tuned flexed by creating space between the seat post and the frame.

The sleeve, which slides into the seat tube, is made up of rubber and a fiber-reinforced nylon inner sleeve to protect the frame while giving flexibility for a more comfortable ride in the alternative terrain favored by our drop-bar bikes.

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Flip Chip

Not all flip chips are made equally. Our Pivot Cycles flip chip was engineered for ease of use. Designed to allow on-trail adjustability, Pivot Cycles flip chips always feature two options: a “High” setting, and a “Low” setting.

Changing the flip chip position affects bottom bracket height, reach, headtube angle, seat-tube angle, chain stay length and wheelbase.

Super Boost+

Pivot Cycles introduced Super Boost+ in 2016 on the first version of our beloved Switchblade and has since become a standard on our mid and long travel bikes.

Boasting the benefits of stronger wheels, a stiffer frame and more tire clearance, the mountain biking industry is adopting Super Boost+ technology at an increasing rate.

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Swinger Dropouts

Our patented swinger dropout is exclusive to our LES series of hard tail bicycles. The swinger dropout enables riders to quickly and easily change the chain-stay length and the bottom bracket height, thereby accommodating a wide range of tire sizes, while simultaneously optimizing geometry for any size as well.

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