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Bicycling Review:

Pivot Shuttle AM Team XX Eagle Transmission


Pivot jumped on the e-bike trend (in 2017) earlier than most brands, especially for a company based in North America. That history, paired with the brand’s well-established attention to detail, is evident in its newest e-bike, the Shuttle AM. 

The 148mm rear/160mm front Shuttle AM has all the hallmarks of a Pivot: a four-bar dw-Link suspension design, Fox suspension components, 157mm Super Boost rear axle spacing, and a generously long rider compartment with (by today’s standards) tame head and seat angles. 

Usually, I’m loathe to recommend a brand’s top-of-the-line build because you typically spend a lot more money for little benefit. But in this case, I’m saying go for the top if you can because it’s the only build with the Bosch Performance CX Race Edition motor.

The Race motor is 136 grams lighter than the standard Performance CX, plus it has Race mode with an extended boost. Power, as they say, is addictive. And that’s certainly what Race mode’s 400 percent support and instant-on full assist are.

Although more power seems like a tool for climbing, that’s not where race mode shines. Bosch’s excellent dynamic e-MTB mode is much better and more controllable on the climbs.

Instead, Race mode is a golden ticket on the downhills. The additional support and extended boost (the motor keeps driving after you stop pedaling) power on tap on a trail with lots of speed changes—sharp corners, short punchy rises—and pedal-stopping rocks and sticks are game-changing. Not only do you get up to full speed faster, but you can carry that speed more easily. 

As they also say, power is nothing without control—and control is another reason this Pivot is such a great bike. The Pivot’s handling and suspension performance are superb. It’s also a balanced bike that’s immensely capable in challenging terrain, yet it’s still entertaining to ride on the bits of trail that connect the crux moves. 

It’s also noteworthy that Pivot is one of the best at mitigating the often-negative characteristics that accompany adding a motor and battery to a frame. The Shuttle AM’s frame feels more supple and predictable than most, which results in a bike that’s more connected and freer from the jerky harshness that some e-bikes demonstrate. —M.P. 

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