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Phoenix Team PadLoc Grips

The Phoenix Team PadLoc Grips incorporate the innovative WTB PadLoc System and Pivot’s engineering experience for an incredible rider/bar interface.

Why PadLoc?

The PadLoc system increases a rider’s comfort on the bike, by isolating the part of the hand that takes the majority of abuse on descents via a vibration-reducing pad at the outside of the grip. At the same time, riders gain superior control through the unique Phoenix grip design: ultra-soft durometer, dual compound material in a deep hexagon pattern that emulates the comfort of a larger diameter grip with small grip control. With this unique design, over 3 years in development, the Phoenix PadLoc grips conform perfectly to the rider’s hands with maximum amount of shock absorption and control.

The Phoenix PadLoc grip design is unique among PadLoc designs:

  • The pad is rotated toward the rider by 30º from vertical, optimizing the position for descending comfort and vibration reduction.
  • The grip features a unique to Phoenix dual compound material, the softest durometer of any handlebar grip in the marketplace, in a Pivot-designed high-low hexagon pattern that emulates the comfort of a larger diameter grip with small grip control. The grip is 32.5mm on the outer diameter of the extended hexagonal pattern, matching some of the larger diameter grip designs while the base is at a smaller diameter 30.45mm similar to smaller diameter designs in the market. The overall design allows the grip to perfectly conform to the riders hands while offering the maximum amount of shock absorption and control.

Phoenix Team PadLoc Grips Features...

  • Utilizes a smaller, lighter inboard clamp that won’t damage carbon bars.
  • Grip’s internal wedge shape is keyed to handlebar end, absolutely prevents slipping, twisting and rotating.
  • Low durometer outside wedge reduces ulnar nerve pressure
  • Unique rider facing angle optimizes the Phoenix PadLoc system for descending position
  • Available in 5 colors: red, orange, electric yellow, blue, grey
  • Complete Phoenix Team handlebar, stem, grip system weight as low as 430g

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