After last year’s stripped-down year of DH racing, the 2021 season returned in full swing to the delight of many fans and racers alike. A comeback year for the sport, it has been a year of ups and downs for Pivot Factory Racing’s Bernard Kerr and Emilie Siegenthaler.


Kerr won his 3rd Red Bull Hardline this season, being the first person to ever do so, but soon after sustained a minor, but race ending, injury in the Maribor World Cup DH. Siegenthaler was unable to find the podium during the 2021 season but put together a memorable season finale. 

Kerr and Siegenthaler recently competed at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy. Both long-time Pivot Factory Racing athletes showed up in (or on) style for this event with two stunning Pivot Phoenix 29 DH bikes custom painted by the extremely talented artists at Fat Creations in Chichester, England.  

Astride these beautiful birds Kerr came in 16th overall in the Elite Men’s field and Siegenthaler finished with the 10th spot in the Elite Women’s field. Aside from the racing, what we really wanted to talk shop with Kerr and Siegenthaler about is their bikes! 


Q: What was the inspiration for this paint job?

Bernard: I love cars, so my explore page on Instagram is filled with them and this sick old Ferrari F40 came up 6 months or more ago and I saved it in case I could get a worlds bike and here we are…

Emilie: It was the paint job of the gravel bike from Pivot, the Vault! It is also burgundy red and I always liked a red bike for worlds, but not too classic, as I had an orange fork from Fox. I thought the color would match well so the crimson was born!



Q: What were the reactions to the custom paint job at the UCI World Championships?

Bernard: Honestly people loved it…then even in the USA last week people went wild for it!

Emilie: The quality of the paint blew everyone out of the water! The sparkly red is an eye catcher and I’m very, very proud to ride that bike!



Q: Was this your first choice or were there other considerations?

Bernard: Yes 100 %!!!!

Emilie: I wanted maybe a carbon matte imitation like the Mach 6 frame, but it was easier and maybe more world bike’s like to do a red one for a Swissie



Q: What was your favorite paint job from the previous years?

Bernard: Either this or maybe still the white/purple/ and pink of the retro CR500 paint job…that one is pretty insane and now lives in my living room!

Emilie: I’m torn between this one and my Lenzer Heide 2018 white one with little handmade graphics… both very distinct and different but both absolutely stunning!


Photo Credit: Boris Beyer

Learn more about the Pivot Phoenix 29 HERE

Keep up with Bernard & Emilie through social media: Bernard Instagram & Emilie Instagram

You can check out more custom paint jobs at Fat Creations social pages: Instagram & Facebook  

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