The E-Vault is a whole new level of fun and adventure
to pavement and gravel riding.
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Meet the Switchblade

The Do-Everything All-Rounder


Rear Travel
Wheel Size

The Switchblade is a bike with extraordinary versatility and category bending capability that redefines performance across every type of trail.

The Heartbeat of Our Technology

Hours of engineering cannot replace collective personal passion. We have both.

We Are Family

Pivot Cycles staff and athletes around the globe are bound together by a shared love of MTB technology an unapologetic passion for high performance.

Innovators & Gamechangers
Game Changers

Founded by engineers, highly innovative Pivot Cycles influences a whole new generation of mountain bike design and carbon frame manufacturing.

World class athletes

From high school league racing to the Olympics, Pivot Cycles believes deeply in supporting athletes at every level of the sport.

The Sound and The Trail

A single day’s journey in the Puget Sound delivers riders to hidden corners and majestic viewpoints.

City Limits

Recent Pivot News

Fear and Progression – A Dynamic Duo

We have all been there. That one feature that stops you dead in your tracks, that jump we always avoid or that ride around we always take. While it may feel as though most of the internet is conquering bigger and more daunting jumps, for many riders the struggle with fear is still very real. […]

Wild Rye x Pivot Apparel Collab Launch

Pivot Cycles’ engaged audience as measured by web traffic, social media followers, and dealer survey, averages 16% female-identifying. We’re not afraid to share that statistic, but we’re also not afraid to say, “that’s not good enough”. It was that feeling that led us, in the fall of 2019, to cold call Wild Rye. It was […]


Welcome back for round two! Coinciding with Valentines month, what better excuse to give this column the big ol’ ‘bike love’ theme and maybe get a little sappy. Valentines day isn’t widely celebrated in New Zealand, we tend to take more of an ‘every day is love day’ approach, so it takes me a bit […]