Congratulations to Bernard Kerr for winning his third Red Bull Hardline!
Phoenix 29

Meet the Phoenix 29

Champion of Red Bull Hardline

Phoenix 29

Rear Travel
Wheel Size

Whether it’s your job to win races at the highest level or you want to session the bike park with friends, the Phoenix 29 is insanely fun and always fast.

The Heartbeat of Our Technology

Hours of engineering cannot replace collective personal passion. We have both.

We Are Family

Pivot Cycles staff and athletes around the globe are bound together by a shared love of MTB technology an unapologetic passion for high performance.

Innovators & Gamechangers
Game Changers

Founded by engineers, highly innovative Pivot Cycles influences a whole new generation of mountain bike design and carbon frame manufacturing.

World class athletes

From high school league racing to the Olympics, Pivot Cycles believes deeply in supporting athletes at every level of the sport.

Our Story of Creation

From the first aluminum prototype, to the in-house carbon creation, to the factory-made final product, every Pivot carbon frame is part of an evolutionary process.

Behind the Scenes on Orcas Island

My forehead pushed into the airplane window as the clouds parted and we descended over Seattle. If you live in the arid American West, you never forget the first time you fly into the Pacific Northwest…

Recent Pivot News

Rides We Love: Trestle Bike Park

Editors Note: Pivot riders Madison Pitts and Jarrod Adcock are local experts when it comes to riding at Winter Park, Colorado’s Trestle Bike Park.  They partnered with Pivot Premier dealer Sports Garage in the shop’s “Rides We Love” series to produce this insider’s guide to the mountain.  Madison, Jarrod, and Trestle Bike Park were all featured in the 2020 launch of […]

I Lost, but I Still Won

I lost. Again. In fact not even close to a podium. Or a decent time. Yet, I still felt good. While friends and spectators were telling me “better luck next time,” or “you looked fast at that split,” it was literally going in one ear and out the other. Why? Because I don’t necessarily mind. […]

Overcoming Unbound: Gravel Road to Redemption

2020 was a year of uncertainty for many athletes. This is especially true for Pivot endurance athlete Taylor Lideen. For Lideen the pandemic was compounded by injury and mental health struggles, and racing going into 2021 was a big question mark. With a world rocking 2020 and wanting to bounce back from the troubles of […]