Women’s Mountain Bikes & Pivot Cycles

There’s been a huge increase in women’s mountain bikes (WSD, or Women’s Specific) the past few years, and as cyclists who can remember when gender specific saddles didn’t exist, the many women at Pivot Cycles (Pivot’s staff is over 25% women!) are more than grateful for all of the options. However, in the boom, a lot of the focus has been on branding rather than the ride itself. Have you ever wondered how butterflies and soft focus pictures will help you shred harder? Us neither. So while the rest of the world tries to package the sport like a pair of yoga pants, we at Pivot have quietly mastered the art of making bikes that really work for small riders.

Beginning with over 17 years at the renowned boutique manufacturer, Titus, and then forming Pivot in 2007, Chris Cocalis has personally drawn and engineered over 1000 custom mountain bike frames for women of all shapes and sizes, and the production models, the original Titus Racer X 2X-Small and extra-small design still hold the trophy for the most sought after women’s full suspension options in mountain biking – it is this legacy that brought many of us to work at Pivot. The success of these bikes helped to fuel the revolution in production off-road bikes for women and this experience informs all of the choices the Pivot team makes when designing bikes for women:


  • At Pivot, we believe the bike should fit the rider, not the other way around. Our approach to rider-size-specific geometry relies on a balanced fit and adjusted geometry to maintain correct wheelbase length and handling to properly accommodate the proportions of a smaller rider.
  • Our smaller sizes are built with shorter head tubes to create more stand-over height. This enables you to ride in a centered, athletic position with tons of clearance over the top tube – essential to descending and cornering with confidence and speed.
  • Size-specific carbon molds enable us to use smaller diameters and unique carbon layups for lighter frames while maintaining the same high strength in a more compact frame design. We can give you the same pedaling efficiency and stiffness experience as a rider of any size by engineering specifically for small and extra small frames.
  • Compact frame designs lower the center of gravity for better high speed stability and increased rider confidence in the rough stuff. Pick your line and tackle it on a Pivot.
  • Low stand-over in every size gives you an easier to maneuver bike on technical trails.


  • We build our X-Small sizes to fit riders from 4’11” to 5’5” and have custom-tuned shock valving to match lighter riders, enabling you to take full advantage of the most advanced shock technology.
  • Tapered 1.5” Zero Stack headtubes maximize stand-over clearance and enable riders to center their weight while optimizing front end stiffness for precise handling and maximum control.
  • We believe that wheel sizes should fit the rider, too. We offer a full range of models with 27.5” wheels, giving you the rollover advantages of a larger diameter without compromising fit or handling. We also offer a wide selection of 29″ wheeled bikes, including the Switchblade, which in 29er configuration, has the lowest stand-over of almost any 29er.


We offer most of our models in the size X-Small option, including our highest-end carbon bikes for the lightest, sweetest builds. Choose between several options in the XC, Trail, Enduro and Gravel grinder categories:

Mach 4 Carbon
LES 27.5
Mach 5.5 Carbon

Mach 5.5 Carbon
Mach 6 Carbon
Mach 6 Aluminum

Gravel Grinder/CX:
Vault Carbon


We recognize that first, you are an individual, with personal aspirations and a bucket list of adventures on your mind. We would never assume to choose your path or your color for you. We offer our size extra small bikes in the same full range of color options as our larger sizes – you get as many choices as the guys do. For those who do want a color with a feminine edge, we do offer a unique Pink/Carbon option in our size X-Small and Small Mach 4 Carbon model.