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Trail 429 Lovestory –
Flying on a Dream

Flying has never been so easy.

Huge jumps, new gaps and chasing personal records. Playfully I flew from corner to corner. And all that with only 120 mm. Too good to be true?

came back from Nauders in awe. Why? Because of the performance of the Trail 429. Nevertheless, my heart was heavy. Our impending separation seemed way to close.  But a few days remained for our romance. So off to the home trails, ready to jump.

With the euphoria from Nauders still buzzing we went on the first of our home trail ride. The first test of the day came quickly, an endurance test. The Trail 429 and me against three e-bikes.  With the usual Trail 429 celerity, I whizzed up the first climb. Just behind the electric faction. I looked into astonished faces. 

Downhill, the order changed and the gap increased. In the tight, technical corners, I benefited from the low weight and responsiveness. Direct propulsion. No loss of energy. 

Uphill, never far behind the e-bikes. „Sporty performance,“ someone said. I just smiled. Of course, I tried to smile my enervation away. After all, I was on a bio-bike. Thanks to the Trail 429, it was much easier to smile. A very different riding experience. If the Trail 429 was calm and plush on the track in Nauders, it mutated into a mountain goat on the climbs here.

Off to the Klappersteigle, translated into English something like “The rattle trail.” A home trail that lives up to its name. After the Nauders trip, I rolled relaxed towards the trailhead.
Strava app reactivated. I wanted it to know. Let’s go.

The bike dashed forward and flew over the stone edges.
"Wow, a little bit fast for the next corner," I thought to myself.
The Trail 429 calmly mastered the direction change.
Without batting an eye, the mountain goat turned into a steam engine.
Chut, chut, make way!
A damn fast steam engine! Strava confirmed with a new PR. Awesome.
Would the Trail 429 turn into a smaller Firebird, too?
Time tack on some air miles on jumps.

The biggest jump is
2,50 m high, 50 degrees steep and 14 m wide.
First opponent of the jumpline: a 90 degree right hip.
Not my preferred side.

Here the Trail 429 came to life with its playful character.

I unerringly brought the bike into the landing. Easier than I thought.
The line was perfect. The bike, a match.
Our love story should probably not depart.

On home trails and German tracks, the Trail 429 is the ideal bike for me. In my short time with the bike we learned to appreciate and love each other. The low weight made it more lively and playful than its bigger siblings.Without much effort, it flew over bumps, edges and jumps and let me climb back up almost as quickly. Downhill it was amazingly well-rounded and ate up even large obstacles without becoming bucky. 

If you have the strength and riding technique, you won’t miss any suspension travel in the bike park and benefit from the Trail 429s‘ nimble playfulness. Then came the goodbyes. The Trail 429 had to go back. Was that the end of our relationship? For right now, yes. Until fate and a new bike day reunites us.