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Setting New Sights, For Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen has, up until this point, been a series predicated on „first take“ filmmaking following Pivot athlete Brice Shirbach down trails he’s seeing for the first time. It’s been a celebration of discovery and flow state, and has always been a means of encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone. This year, Brice wanted to explore not only a new trail but a new culture as well, and after working with Pivot Sunset Shred partner World Ride to identify the next locale, Guatemala would end up as the landing spot for a 5 day adventure that would prove to take the Sight Unseen concept to new levels. Brice and crew spent their time exploring the steep, rough hewn, and ancient trails between Antigua and Lake Antitlan, while immersing themselves in one of the most alluring and generous cultures they have had the good fortune to experience. The adventure would prove to be profoundly moving for all involved, and while the terrain and landscape was something out of a dream, it was the connections with the people who call Guatemala home that left the most indelible mark on the group.

The Result

The third season of Pivot Cycles’ Sight Unseen features Central American volcanos and the brand’s partnership with nonprofit World Ride. Athlete and creator Brice Shirbach traveled to Central America to ride with Guatemalan women building local mountain biking culture and to experience World Ride’s in-country women’s empowerment work.

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Our Partner

We would like to thank our partners at World Ride for their part in Sight Unseen.

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