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Leigh Donovan

Leigh Donovan

MTB Skills Coach, Gravity, DH, Enduro

Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Age: 48
Height: 5'4"

At age 11, Leigh fell in love with the bike. Back then it was a BMX bike, today it is a mountain bike. As a youth, in addition to being a BMX national champion, she was a competitive runner, roller-skater and softball player.

By age 20, she found mountain biking and felt like she was “home”. Winning many races, championships and traveling around the world for almost a decade was a “gift” as she called it. The racing turned from a successful career into 9 years of owning a non-bike retail store, which then led her to launch ichoosebikes; a platform focused on teaching mountain bike skills to anyone that wants to be a better and safer rider, helping them find their best on the bike and possibly in their own lives.

Today Leigh spends a lot of time being a wife, mother, mountain bike instructor and volunteer coach to her local NICA racing club. 


1995 UCI World DH Champion
9x US NORBA National Champion
2001 UCI World Cup Dual Champion


Leigh rides:
SM Mach 4 Carbon
SM Mach 6 Carbon
SM Phoenix