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Kaylee Gibb

Kaylee Gibb


Hometown: Whistler, Canada
Age: 33
Height: 159cm / 5'3"
Favorite Trail: Pay Dirt: Rossland, BC or Freight Train to Dirt Merchant: Whistler, BC

Kaylee got a late start in riding, though it didn’t seem to hinder her.  Growing up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, she didn’t have any real opportunities to see what the mountains offered! After moving to Utah at 16, she finished high school, cosmetology school, and then transferred from UVU to DSU down in St George, Utah.  She was introduced to mountain biking at the Rampage in 2004, where she conveniently met her future husband, Ryan Gibb. Ryan took her for her first mountain bike ride on Rose Hill in Kamloops in 2005. Following marriage, a bit of real life, and surviving child birth 3 times, she decided it was time to take her passion for biking seriously and set some lofty goals at 33. After a few weeks of training, she completed a 27ft, from lip to landing, backflip in the same canyon where she met her husband and where she was introduced to biking 14 years prior. 


Hitting the Diving Board on a the Awakener in Castlegar, BC
27ft lip to landing backflip to dirt at the old Rampage site
Making Pinkbike’s front page for Mother’s day and becoming a sponsored rider


Kaylee rides:
SM Firebird V1
XS Mach 6 Carbon
SM Phoenix