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More than just a bike ride, its an experience. Currently riding a Pivot Firebird 29er. From sending jumps, riding rocky, or loose steep sections, to technical. Pivot riding are wicked fun, and a bike you just want to keep progressing on. Handling and control, lightweight all around fun bikes.

Riding a Pivot is the therapy I look forward to all week. Couldn’t as for a better bike. Changed my life and health for the better.

….like riding on the back of an angel. If that angel had a quest for speed, getting dirty and letting loose on the hills. Is there such a thing as a mountain bike angel? A saint of jumps and bumps?

Riding a Pivot is like the one girl (or guy, or whatever) you always wanted to date, and it’s really hard to get them to go out with you but they finally do and it’s the greatest thing ever.

… exactly the type of grin-inducing-can’t-focus-on-anything-else-just-want-to-ride-my-bike happiness money can buy.

Riding a Pivot is pure fun, fire and enjoyment. I have wanted a pivot bike since the first mach 5.7 came out and finally got a switblade in January.

New to me. I’ve ridden Yetis for years, and yesterday made the switch(blade). First ride down, and can’t wait to get this out to Grand Junction and Moab.

Riding a Pivot is like riding a unicorn into a double rainbow. Every ride is magical and majestic, the feeling never gets old like aunt Suzie. Every time you mount you feel a warm sensation inside your stomach, when you’re done it’s aching for more.

Riding a pivot is similar to the pivotal moment you discovered all the times and places you can use and take a pb&j.

Riding a Pivot is so reassuring as I know the bike is capable on any trails I descend, thanks to the stable platform, factory fork and shock, and well-considered geometry.

Riding a Pivot is like a Phoenix, fictional and real the same time.
…it’s not LESs exciting than any other bike, probably better.

Riding a Pivot is sweet sweet red hot white lighting smothered in syrup struck twice and captured in a bottle once every time you blink and realize the magic carpet ride that is now your life.

Something I aspire to do! The Les Fat is my favourite bike ever – only just though, that lates Firebird is a bit special

like commuting in a limousine – absolutely unnecessary, but if you can afford to do it then who am I to tell you not to?

Riding a Pivot is like flying around the world for new year’s eve, it’s the party you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Riding a pivot is… The ability to accomplish anything anywhere on a bike to elegant and world renowned, but so rugged and so robust.

Like no other feeling in the world, you could be ridding down the steepest and tallest mountain and feel like you going for a stroll in the park, a pivot offers a sense of freedom that is offered by no other bike

Like shralping a corner at 20mph or it is like hitting a perfectly built jump line on a cloudy day after it just rained, but its not to hot and not to cold. Riding a pivot is like finally hitting the line that you have been so scared of hitting all year. The adrenaline starts to pump and all you can see and think about in that moment is when everything slows down. You lightly let off your brakes and you know for sure that your gonna make it. You feel one with the dirt, the rocks, the air, every component of your bike working perfectly with each other as all things should be. All you can do is smile and know that nothing will ever compare to this heart dropping and heart for filling moment in time. You see your buddies at the bottom waiting to congratulate you, knowing that this story will be told over and over at every dinner and party you go too. Riding a pivot is…Everything

Riding a Pivot is feel pleasure from the headwind, pleasant muscle pain, get a storm of emotions from what you see around

a dream come true… Ive always wanted a Pivot Firebird and now it’s become reality. Im really looking forward to really standing out on the Orange Firebird for the 2022 Downhill and Gravity Enduro racing series and represeting my all time dream bike in my favourite colour. Pivot you’ve made my dream come true.

Riding a Pivot is making you thing you are the super human from planet Krypton!
Finaly we’re able to rule the time and gravity)

Riding a Pivot is like taking flight, you can go anywhere. I’ve never ridden a bike that felt as natural and intuitive as my Mach 5.5. it’s the best bike I’ve ever owned, hands down.

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