Family traditions run deep here at Pivot HQ. Family inspires most of what we do, right down to the bikes we build. Take our LES hardtails for example; truly a family by every definition of the word. Descended from common ancestry, the LES family truly has one another’s backs and believes in play-together-stay-together values that inspire the best New Year’s Resolutions. So, while you’re continuing to ring in 2020, we invite you to get to know the LES family, and possibly be inspired to set new goals of your own. Happy New Year from Pivot Cycle and the LES’s!

LES Singlespeed 

Name: LES Singlespeed  |   Game: Grind

LES Singlespeed is the new kid in town. It’s cool under pressure, always stylish and does all the talking out on the trail. LES Singlespeed knows how to play the game. When falling behind it’s because it has, well, only one gear. But when winning, it’s absolutely crushing you because it has – you guessed it – one gear. LES Singlespeed’s New Year’s resolution is to embarrass more geared bike riders on longer rides with steeper climbs.


Name: LES SL  |  Game: Speed

LES – aka “Super Light” – SL is a serious racer with the need for speed. While everyone else drinks champagne or throws back Fireball shots, LES SL sips a Michelob Ultra and worries about getting eight hours of sleep. LES SL’s New Year’s resolution is to train smarter, not harder. Well, okay… harder too but mostly smarter. This year, LES SL means it. For real.


Name: LES Fat  |  Game: Party

LES Fat is always down to party – any trail, anywhere. To those who say a fat bike can’t do that, LES Fat says, “hold my beer”. It can utilize nearly any wheel and tire size. LES Fat’s New Year’s resolution is to NOT to go on a diet, but rather preserve every precious gram rubber, snacking on snow, sand and kitty litter with every ride. Get Fat, stay Fat.

LES 27.5

Name: LES 27.5  |  Game: NICA

LES 27.5 is ambitious, always learning from LES Singlespeed and LES SL, though it has a hard time deciding whom it most wants to be like when it grows up. LES 27.5 admires the grind and the speed, which inspires it’s scrappy and fast style. 27.5 secretly keeps an eye on distant full suspension cousins, but is not distracted from it’s New Year’s resolution: to bring home the interscholastic race.

No matter your inspiration – a bike, your family, a race, an ideal – it’s yours for the taking in 2020. From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

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