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John Pentecost

International Sales Representative


Freeport, Maine

What is John’s favorite model and why?

Pivot Cycles’ International Sales Representative, John Pentecost has been riding since he won his first mountain bike in a department store drawing back in 1990. Like many Pivot employees, John owns quite the quiver: a Trail 429, Mach 5.5, Shuttle and Point but his personal favorite at the moment is his Firebird 29. “I don’t mind taking my time on a climb, but I love coming back down as fast as possible.” He says. “To that end, the FB29 checks all the boxes – it climbs amazingly well, and the descents are ridiculous.  I’ve never had a bike that’s as blindingly fast as this thing. The really cool part of it is how well it handles when you’re not going MACH-plaid.  The short chainstays (thanks Super Boost!), make it a bike that’s super maneuverable and easy to throw around.” 

This summer John took this bike on one of his favorite rides in Whistler, a six-hour long loop that includes Into the Mystic and Lord of the Squirrels trails saying “I could not have asked for a more perfect rig for that terrain.” As a self-professed sucker for 12-speed drivetrains, his 28.5-pound size medium Firebird 29 is equipped Pro X01 build and Reynolds carbon wheel upgrade. John also installed a One Up dropper seatpost and lever highly recommends both. 

Rider Stats:
Height: 5’9” (6’8” with the afro)
Weight: 170lbs (should be 160… goddamn you Taco Bell)
Frame size: medium
Handlebar width: 800mm
Stem Length: 45mm
Saddle Height (center of crank to top of saddle): 28”

Baggies or spandex?


If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased), who would it be?

The guy who invented Milk Duds. Oh, and Bruce Springsteen.

 Mach 5.5 Carbon
 Firebird V1


Eagle vs. Shark

Rotorua, New Zealand
Distance: 2 miles
Climb: 222 ft
Descent: -943 ft
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