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Cindy Cocalis

Chief Financial Officer


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Baggies or spandex?


Name three things you’re really bad at

1. Running. The fact that I look like a dork does not stop me from doing it. My family laughs out loud when they see me running, and I’m sure strangers do too. Glad I can make others happy.

2. Cooking. It’s a well-documented fact that I cannot cook, anything, even simple things. I’m a master of just warming things in the microwave and bringing home take out. I’m also horrible at doing dishes. I pretty much suck at any food related tasks.

3. Spelling. I’m a horrible speller. Spell check should have saved me, although I have been known to override spell check thinking I know better, but I never do. I guess I’m arrogant.

Favorite bike tool on the bench?

Forget the tools, I prefer my own personal bike mechanic. Nearly 30 years ago I decided to bring home the mechanic instead of bringing home bike tools, and that proved to be a smart move on my part. It’s been an amazing ride to say the least.  

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can use my feet and toes like hands and fingers to grip and pick things up off the floor. I used to be very proud of this talent and even claimed to be superior in the evolutionary chain. Then it was pointed out to me that the theory of evolution suggests just the opposite of that. So now I just do it to entertain and embarrass my family.

If you were a pro-downhiller what would your walk on song be?

Berzerk - Eminem

What's your guilty pleasure?

A jar of Jiffy Peanut Butter, a spoon, a full bag of M&M’s and a gallon of milk.

Favorite mountain bike destination?

Moab, Utah - the Whole Enchilada

What is the last song you listened to?

Where is the Love? - The Black Eyed Peas

Favorite movie quote

"Nobody puts baby in the corner" - Dirty Dancing

 Mach 5.5 Carbon
 Mach 4 Carbon
 Shuttle V1
 Vault V3



Phoenix, AZ
Distance: 7 mi
Climb: 1,243 ft
Descent: -1,890 ft
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