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Cooper Ott

Cooper Ott


Hometown: Gunnison, CO
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Favorite Trail: Dr. Park - Crested Butte, CO

Cooper’s earliest biking memories are exploring the trails of Cross Village, Michigan on the tag-along bike (bark busters and all) behind her Dad. Fast forward 15 years, and Cooper entered her first cross country mountain bike race. She quickly fell in love with cross country racing and began competing around the midwest.  During off weekends, her now husband Phil, convinced her to try enduro racing.  A move in 2015 to Crested Butte and the big mountains of Colorado, quickly persuaded Cooper to give enduro racing a chance. After finishing third place at an enduro in Moab, Coop was convinced it was time to go FULL ENDURO!


1st Overall Big Mountain Enduro Series 2016
9th Overall Enduro World Series Aspen 2016
1st Overall Big Mountain Enduro Series 2018


Cooper rides:
MD Firebird 29
MD Trail 429
MD Switchblade