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Trail Test: Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon

05.09.2013 | Online Media


Bicycling Australia takes an in-depth look at the Mach 5.7 Carbon in their latest Trail Test review.

“In one bike-swap session my riding buddy summed it up well; he described it as a larrikin bike. Yep, this bike turns you into a hoon! It makes you want to go fast and push your limits; whenever an opportunity arises it’ll have you hammering through the rocks, popping off lips and milking the trail for everything it can give—it’s a lot of fun. On the flipside, it also climbs with the efficiency of a much shorter travel bike and I wouldn’t hesitate at using the Mach 5.7 in XC and marathon events; it’s a great all-rounder and I feel that this is one test bike that mightn’t be going back…”

See more, replete with Australian phrases, on Bicycling Australia’s website.

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