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Winds of Change

08.21.2014 |

Hey there,
I’m currently testing a Mach4, having come from a carbon team Merida HT which i absolutely adored until i drove it into my garage recently – I’ve always been a HT rider….i don’t have much experience with dual suspension bikes and I’ve been trying this out for a couple of weeks now and F*&K ME – what a bike!!! I love a bit of downhill because my climbing sucks, last night I beat one of my best times on a climb that I could only reach with my carbon framed bike and the ride down was like going to heaven. I’ve been told this bike doesn’t climb well – they can stick that somewhere dark and mysterious.

As I mentioned – I don’t know much at all about dual suspension – I’ll be racing this bike in April and I hope by then it will be set up for my liking – if I buy it. It’s running XTR rims and tubeless, FOX rear and SID front shocks X9/ X0 group set – carbon bars etc – what ya think?

So what this email is all about – in a long winded way- I just wanted to say I am really impressed with this bike and I feel like I’ve been riding it for years, it has felt comfortable very, very fast and it already feels like my bike.. Smashed out some PR’s last night on it, it felt great. http://app.strava.com/athletes/205706 now it’s me that has to get fit out of respect for the bike.

Anyway –- my daughter rides a Merida –- the way this is going, she’ll be getting a dually very soon….

Matthew Murcott


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