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Wayne LOVES His New Mach 6C

08.21.2014 |

We love this stuff…

Hi Pivot,

I just picked up my new Pivot Mach 6 and spent the weekend riding my new pride and joy.

I spent a lot of time considering my new ride. I test rode almost every top brand known. (Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz etc.)

I also spent many hours talking to my local bike shop about the Pivot. In the end I decided what the heck, I am just going to build this bike and stop thinking about it.

The Mach 6 has exceeded my wildest expectations. From the moment the tyres touched the dirt, I knew I was on an extraordinary bike that could take me to new riding heights I had never experienced.

Words alone cannot express just how good this bike is and how well it rides.

I just wanted to let you guys know I am blown away with my Mach 6. I LOVE IT!.

Wayne Burton, AUS

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