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To the Greatest Bike Company in the Universe – THANK YOU!

08.21.2014 |

I’d like to thank you for building the sickest bikes ever. I am an extremely proud owner of a super mini pink Pivot Mach 5.7. This bike is by far the most versatile bike I’ve ever owned, and many people can’t help but comment on my beautiful steed. It’s capabilities far surpass my riding skills but there is no doubt that this bike has made me a far better rider than I thought I could be. I ride it with so much confidence. Jumps, no problem. Drops, sure thing. Techy single track, giddy up! Just loooooooove my bike! I’ve attached a shot of my steed along with an “action” shot of me hitting a lil’ drop at our local trails in Melbourne Australia (this was taken on my very first ride on my Pivot).

Cheers, Mary

Mary Psichalos picMary Psichalos bikepic

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