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Thanks For An AWESOME Bike!

08.11.2014 |

To the crew at Pivot-

Finished building my Mach 4 a couple months ago, and have ridden it many times since…Wow! I expected a great ride after talking to others and reading the reviews, but it far exceeds what I expected!

I’ve been riding and racing mountain bikes for almost 20 years, but made the switch to full suspension only 2 1/2 years ago. I rode the Ellsworth Truth for the first two years. I experimented with the suspension quite a bit, but it still had too much “bob” during climbing for me. Otherwise, it was a solid bike, but I wanted more.

My next bike was a Specialized S Works Epic, that I have been riding and racing this past season. A great race bike, but its downfall is that it’s not exactly plush…which I completely expected and can deal with when racing. That bike was built for one reason…to race.

A few months ago I decided to buy an additional bike, one that would be my main XC/Trailbike. So I started my search for a 4″ travel (which is plenty for my style of riding) that would basically be light, stiff, climb well, and soak up the bumps. After a lot of research, talking to others and reading countless reviews, I chose the Mach 4. I could not have made a better choice!

I ordered the frame, and built the bike up over a couple weeks…and hit the trails. After spending some time during the first couple of rides I have the suspension dialed in.  Like I said earlier, Wow!  The bike handles everything outstandingly!  Rips through the singletrack, downhills, bumps (big and small), but most importantly for me, it is an unbelievable climber! I have only had the ProPedal on once, just to see the difference, but ride with it off, even during the climbs. I find it does great climbing in the off position, and find myself looking down at the shock sometimes just to see that it is, in fact, in the off position. Your suspension design is amazing! To me this bike climbs better than a hardtail because the rear suspension moves just enough to keep traction on the rougher parts of a climb. I will be doing some racing on this bike next season, even though that was not the original intention of my purchase.

Also, during my build I called you guys at Pivot a couple times with questions and you guys were always more than willing to help…something I really appreciate!  I feel completely confident that if ever needed, your customer service will be there for me.

Thanks, Pivot, for an AWESOME bike!
Rick Morris

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