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Rebecca Tschider and Her Les

08.21.2014 |

Rebecca Ts(1)

Hello and Thank you!

First I want to thank all of you for the outstanding service and support in the journey to land me on my first 29er and my first Hardtail! The LES is absolutely incredible! I am sorry to say (a little) that I am not really missing the full suspension yet :)…I have had it out and about and on the rocky terrain of Phoenix and while I was very unsure about switching to a hardtail, never having owned one, it rides wonderful! At my height of 5’4” I had not found a 29er where I did not feel I was giving up handling due to pairing the large wheels with small frames, the LES has beat all of my expectations. Switch back, drops, it is very stable but yet very responsive! I feel like my technical downhill skills are improving with each ride on it!

Thank you so much! Rebecca

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