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Pivot Was The Only Choice For Me

08.11.2014 |

Dear Pivot Team,

On November 16, 2010 your company demonstrated what true customer service is and you have a new advocate for your company. I had recently completed the build of my new Mach 5.7 and took my bike down to California for its inaugural ride. My riding partner and I started riding up a fire road and I noticed that steering my bike was difficult even riding on this smooth surface. We pulled off the trail and inspected the bike, and after pulling my headset off and removing the fork we noticed that the bottom cup of my headset had been sucked up into the head tube of the frame. Needless to say the ride was cut short and my frustration was mounting.

I was fortunate to find a nearby Pivot dealer in Newberry Park and met with their mechanic. I described the problem and it was discovered that the wrong size bottom cup was installed on the bike. I take some blame for this because I purchased the headset separately. So I called your company to ensure I would get the correct bottom cup this time and I spoke with your team members, told them the story and within minutes they assured me that a new FSA headset would be sent to me at no charge. Your team members stated that they wanted to help get me back on my bike asap and be able to spread the Pivot word (which I have been gladly doing).

My experience with your company’s customer service did not start on the 16th of this month, it began when I was researching your bikes and getting serious about purchasing the new Mach 5.7. Every time I called to ask technical questions on the bike and build kits I was always greeted by a friendly person answering the phone (not a recording with menu options). Your team was just as friendly at Interbike, so with the quality product you put out and your top notch customer service, Pivot was the only choice for me.

In closing I wanted to say that it is refreshing to come across a company such as yours that encompasses quality products and great customer service. In my line of work as a Fire Captain here in Las Vegas, great customer service is a chance to leave a lasting impression on the public even when operating at emergency scenes. You have certainly incorporated that personal service into your company and I commend you on that.

Evan Hannah

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