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Pivot Sponsored Rider Steve Thompson

08.21.2014 |


I chose to race this season on a Mach 429 carbon which is a full suspension 29 inch wheeled do it all machine that climbs like a goat and descends like a banshee. After riding it for two weeks I came to the conclusion that it was the first bike i’d ever ridden that I felt made me a better rider & going into every training ride and race with that confidence proved to be key in my results this season. Add in the fact that the only thing I had to do maintenance wise all season was change tires, make a few minor drive train adjustments and true a couple wheels, not once did a bolt come loose, the linkage make a squeak or I have a single dnf (did not finish) due to the bike. Now like most season’s I did have my ups and downs but it ended up on a very positive note and I’m already mapping out what types of events and exact races I want to focus on not only next year but all the way through 2016… eeek, when I turn 40!

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