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Pivot 429 is the Best

08.11.2014 |

I spoke on the phone a couple of times with you as I was deciding on which bike to buy and again after purchasing the Mach 429. I wanted to share my excitement with Pivot.

For the longest time, I have been riding a 26 inch wheeled hard tail titanium bike. During the past couple of months I began searching for a full suspension 29R that I could use as a competitive XC bike and also use for an all around trail bike. I spent time on many 29R’s and landed on the Pivot 429 as being the best. Compared to all the other’s, the Mach 429 has be best combination of quick steering yet stable at high speeds. It climbs solid with no flexing yet soaks up the rough stuff when needed. And, the bike looks great. I have the silver frame which really shows of the quality craftsmanship and the perfect welds. The Mach 429 has made me a much faster rider. I can climb just as quick as I do on my hard tail and am much faster on the flats and down hills. So much, that I have now been requested to move from Sport class to Expert class.

Also, I attached a few pictures of the Pivot at a recent race at Vail Lake California. This is where I took fastest Sport of the day…now moving to Expert. I will be racing the Mach 429 at a variety of locations mostly Southern California. I will also be racing the 24hour in Tucson in February. I am really enjoying the bike and am glad to spread good word to everyone I meet letting them know what a great bike Pivot is.

Here is the review I put in Mountain Bike Review on the Mach 429 http://www.mtbr.com/cat/bikes/29er/pivot-cycles/mach-429/PRD_425161_1548crx.aspx

Ric Van Der Linden

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