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Nice Work, Pivot!

08.11.2014 |

I had the opportunity over the weekend to go with the Sports Garage folks to Moab and Fruita. Chris J set me up on a Mach 5.7. I really enjoyed it.  I never put it on a scale, but it has a very light and lively ride to it.  Felt GREAT uphill (and that’s saying something as I’m well over 200lbs these days), while being very plush downhill. That was the big surprise for me…how plush it felt. I was expecting it to be too “racer-boy” type rigid, but it really felt like a bigger travel rig on the way down.  Don’t even get me started with how it carved up the trails at Road 18 in Fruita.  Ultimate sweetness!  Did I mention how light and fast it felt on the climbs?  A home run for sure.  Needless to say, I’m not getting much work done this morning as I’m thinking about that bike.

Thank you,

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