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Nice Job, Pivot!

08.11.2014 |

So my new custom build Pivot Mach 5.7, all XTR, with the new Crank Bros Cobalt series bling has been seen for about a week and a half by my buddies who share the same passion with me.  It’s all ready to go, sitting in my garage. We are all incredibly impressed by the way it looks, and the choice, properly colored components to match from grips, to wheels to seat post. Problem is, it’s been raining in So Cal since the day my good friends at INCYCLE Rancho Cucamonga finished the build. The bike looks so good I can’t fathom the idea of taking it out in the rain & slop.

I made two rides in between rain days with my soon to be replaced Trek EX 9 – and took some serious razzing from my buddies.

When the Pivotal day came to finally get my new bike out, the Mach 5.7 that I’ve been jonesing over for a couple months, I thought how much better can it be? We hit Sycamore Cyn in Riverside and I was seriously blown away by the improvement, how this bike handles, and just how much better a bike can be.  It seemed so light, nimble and responsive in the climb right from our starting point.  It seems so nimble and light that I immediately grew concerned about losing the front end on steep techy climbs, until I hit the first of those.  I actually said out loud “awesome” as I made my first steep climb in a tight narrow area with two-foot deep rain ruts that had to be avoided.  The bike stuck like glue with the front end staying perfectly planted, and never even hinting at lifting.  I love to climb, and I can say this bike is much more efficient than I am used to, and it has only made me a better climber.

Now the best part, after all the record December rain and serious ruts that were delivered by Mother Nature, I rode our normal route in record time with more confidence than ever.  I found my self realizing that I was still in the saddle on one of the high speed downhill fire roads, when on my previous bike I thought of that area as seriously rough—requiring the attack position. At that point in time it hit me: this bike really handles.  This bike gobbles up the terrain, the rear tire stays planted even while flying through an area with ruts crossing the trail, and I rarely hear the chain slap that I have been used to from my previous bike.  The braking efficiency on my Pivot over a rutted out trail is improved over my previous Trek who touts the superior advantages of their ABP braking system. The Pivot’s brakes work because the rear tire stays planted on the trail.

I had more confidence than ever on my first ride out, with the trail being in the worst shape I have ever seen. At the end of our ride, sizing it all up over a cold beer, my buddy who wound up chasing me all day said the confidence in my riding was noticeable from his view throughout the ride. By the end of our ride I realized just how much better a bike can be.  Anyone contemplating a new bike? No need to look any further—Nice job Pivot!

Robert Cleeland

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