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Mach 4 LOVE From Australia

08.21.2014 |

Austrailia M4

Hi guys,

I thought you might like a picture of a Mach 4 in outback Australia. I bought a frame and built it up as my first bike build and love it. I chose the Mach 4 as I ride on rough dirt roads that get washed out and corrugated and also bush tracks. I wanted something that would make the long rides more comfortable without compromising pedalling efficiency. I also wanted something light but strong and reliable as I am often riding solo in remote areas (sometimes out of cell phone coverage). I chose the Mach 4 from its reputation in those departments. It is my first dual suspension bike and also my first Pivot bike. I am absolutely wrapped with its performance and handling, reliability and strength.

I am based in a small town in Western Australia (600 people) and work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. My rides often cross paths with kangaroos, emus and sometimes snakes out in the bush! I took this photo near sunset on one of my local tracks at a spot called ‘the granites.’ The late afternoon sun turns the landscape golden and it is a magic time and place to ride.

Happy riding and “G’day” from “Down under!”
Damon Roberts

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