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Mach 4 is No BS

08.11.2014 |

Hello Adam, I thought I would share some feedback on my recent purchase and build of a Mach 4. For comparison purposes I have been riding longer travel trail bikes for the last 6 years or so. I have been an avid Santa Cruz fan (and still am) and have owned the Heckler, Nomad and most recently still own and ride a BLT daily. I wanted a second bike that was lighter, quicker, etc than what I already had. I have hesitated getting a new bike because I did not want the twitchy, nervous style of XC bike I used to ride.

So after a lot of thought and shopping around I left my SC stable and I decided to try your bike sight-unseen. The reviews were positive, the names behind the design were strong and I wanted something different. But I had a feeling this might be the one. Either way I had to try it. Your claims were bold and I almost wanted to be able to write this letter and say your claims are BS. (After 20 years of riding I have heard it all and so I can be cynical like that sometimes. No offense.)

So enough of all this. What do I think? Your claims are not BS. The chain line is great. I love big ring riding and this suits my style with little crossover when riding big-big. The frame linkage is VERY stiff for sure. The small bump compliance has to be felt to be believed.

I think this bike might very well solve the paradox between a super plush ride and excellent pedaling performance and efficiency. These two features in the past seem to have been mutually exclusive. I thought my BLT did a good job of balancing these. And it does. This is just better…by a mile. (I realize this is not an XC to XC comparison but I have ridden other XC bikes while shopping around and none made we want to rush out and buy one) I was worried about how this bike would be downhill. I worried about having a harsh suspension to get good efficiency. I worried about nervous handling. I was worried for nothing. I love the way this bike rides, handles, descends, pedals and climbs. I love everything about it. I am most blown away by how this bike moves forward when laying power down. Even with modest power it seems to almost do it by itself (if only right?)

So my friends are all a little worried now because they could never quite understand how I could ride my big bikes so fast. Now they see me on my sub 25lb bright blue Pivot and they openly wonder about being able to keep up. I say good luck.

I also say good job on your home run. I hope you sell a lot of bikes and make a lot of people happy like me.

Best regards, Doug

PS I am very interested in how your Mach 5 might replace my BLT. Yikes! Did I really say that?

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