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Loving It

08.11.2014 |

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help in getting the Mach 5.7!  I am absolutely LOVING it!  I’m getting more accustomed to riding with a fork that doesn’t lower in travel and actually finding out that by changing body position I can climb pretty much everything I was climbing with the 100mm Talas!  BUT, what’s even cooler is that I’m cleaning more things than what I had on my Yeti, especially in the tighter technical terrain — both in climbing and descending!

You have an amazing bike that not only is a great climbing bike — but is super smooth on the downhill stuff as well!  I honestly think it’s more stable and more responsive on the downhill, switchback type of riding I’ve been doing!  Although I’m still working on getting back into fitness shape, I’m actually excited to get out and ride to see what this bike will do!

Thanks again Chris!  When I can be enthusiastic and excited about a bike I’m riding— the girls will get excited about it as well and want to ride the same bike.  When I can clean stuff and they WANT to clean the same stuff, it encourages them to look more closely at the bike I’m riding.  I’m excited!  :)


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