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Liam from Keystone Loves His New LES

08.21.2014 |

Liam Keystone

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to thank the compony for making such a stellar bike. I got a Pivot Les 29″ with xx-1 about a week ago, and have put it through many trials (8,000 feet vert, 100+ miles, and a race) and it is a truly amazing bike. I chose the Les as I wanted a true XC race bike that i could also take out and enjoy on every trail in my mountain town. The geometry of the Les is perfect for this. Acceleration, Descending, Climbing, it does it all. I LOVE IT!! Thank you for making such wonderful bikes of such high quality. I am ecstatic to get the opportunity to race on such a beautiful bike for the upcoming season!

Happy riding from 9,000 feet up,
Liam McDonnell
Keystone, Colorado USA

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