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Kiwi Pivot Lover

08.11.2014 |

My brother lives in Boulder and we scored a demo Mach 429 from Golden Bikes. I was looking for a top-notch full suspension 29er and hadn’t even considered a Pivot. Boy, am I glad! It was pointed out to me that you couldn’t do much better than this bike!

I had been riding a 29er hard tail and was really suffering on the rougher, more technical rides. My first ride on this bike was on a series of trails with a variety of terrain — a few rocky bits, drop offs and tight switchbacks along with fast singletrack.

Basically this bike has made me a better rider — no question.  I’m more confident on the rough stuff, and it is surprisingly quick uphill and on the road.

Maybe I’m the only New Zealander with a Pivot Mach 429?  What a privilege :)

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