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I am Not a Paid Consultant

08.11.2014 |


I purchased my Mach 5.7 about 3 months ago. It was a gift to myself after completing 5 years of alimony. I was replacing an 11 year old Ellsworh Joker.

All my buddies have gulped the Kool-Aid and are on some sort of 29 inch bike. Not me, baby. I realize you make a 29er, but I don’t see what all the rage is with those things. “But you’ll be able to just roll over everything with a 29er.” Yeah. Yeah.

I really didn’t think that having a bike with this much travel and such improved geometry would make a difference in my climbing.

None of the wagon wheelers I ride with crush me on any climbs. At least none that aren’t super fit, in which I probably couldn’t beat them if I rode a lift up.

In fact I’m taking most of them on climbs and always on descents.

This bike rails on descents.

Congrats dudes! You have made a phenomenal bike and a very happy customer, one of many, I’m sure.

– Robert
“Friends don’t let friends Facebook or ride Niners.”

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