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From The Land Down Under

08.21.2014 |

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to show you a few pics of my Mach 5.  This bike suits my local trails here in Perth Western Australia.  Full XT build does everything it needs to.  Thanks to the guys at my local shop http://cyclesbespoke.com/ for building it up from scratch.

My friend just bought the 5.7 carbon and I must say I am jealous.  How did the bike get soooo much better?!  I hope to upgrade soon.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making an awesome bike.  My other considerations at the time of purchased were Yeti SB-66 (too heavy and not as efficient) and the Scott Genius.

2011-10-13 16_42_10(1) 2011-12-18 09_06_50 20120922_105358

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