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From Our Desert to Yours

08.11.2014 |

After months of riding nearly every bike in our rental fleet and testing demos at Outerbike, and in Tucson– it finally started: the count down delivery days for when my Mach 5.7 would arrive.

That pretty Pivot parcel was delivered in the shed at the Poison Spider Bike Shop the day BEFORE my weekend started. Perfect ! When the FedEx delivery arrived, I booked towards the driver with a solid ‘hi-five’. I scribbled my name across the electronic device, then  dashed towards the bike box with a big hug. “Hooray, my very own bike is here, Yay!”

The weekend was starting out right; a drenching storm had just passed, and my bike arrived just for spring in Moab! What else is sweeter?  Well . . . check this, the following day prevailed with the flu– BOO. So I couldn’t even RIDE! Talk about-a buzz kill.

All the while my bike was being built, I lay there in my illness for nearly a week, dreaming about a stealth Mach 5.7, and where to brand a glossy blue spider sticker? What trail would do the honor? Who will join me?

Upon a mechanic’s final test-ride (thank you Randy!), I endeavored my maiden voyage solo at the top of LPS… Smashing. Did I mention Porcupine is delicious? Hit my travel, passed some guys on the trail (who laughed when my drivetrain drank more water from my h20pack than I did), and loved, loved, LOVED every corner and drop.

The next day, I participated in the local’s “Suffer & Send It” on Amasa and had soo much fun! Punchy pedaling, sweet descending, lots of fun! Super perfect for Moab.

Thanks for building a great bike. Since then, I’ve had this song stuck in my head, I’d like to claim I made it up, but you probably know it too… it goes like this:  ” I love my new bike, I love my new bike . . . Yay-!”  :-) Been riding every chance– with many compliments . . . I THANK YOU ALL.

Also, I’m from Phoenix so it’s nice to represent.

Cheers, from our desert to yours.

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