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Christoph from Germany with his Firebird

07.07.2017 |

Dear Pivot,

Yesterday I became the owner of the best bike I have ever owned (which means 4 Enduros of the 160/170-category over the last years and I just received my personal all time favorite. My Firebird 2017 in size M brand new with my custom build mainly X01.

1I am directly writing this after the first day of riding straight out of St. Moritz where I will be staying for the next days until Sunday.

We did some rough trails today, some shuttling, some built lines and some self pedalling ( technical stuff with roots and rocks as well as fireroad climbing). Like at both Pivot test events that I  joined before buying the bike – the ride is a different dimension. Up and down.
So smooth downwards, I always had to hit the brakes not to run into the rider in front of me (who is usually same speed as me on my old bike).
A blast. Rear suspension kills square edged bumps and roots – most I didn’t even notice.
Coming from a bike with lever-adjusted geometry changing where you never have the right option for the trail right in front of you even though there are 3 of them-now your Firebird is my very own swiss knife for all kinds of trail.

2Tomorrow: St. Moritz shuttle rides

Saturday: Adventure tour with Mountain Lodge overnight.

Thanks for making such a ride, Pivot!

Christoph (from Stuttgart, Germany)


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