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Avoid Pivot Demo Days — They’re Bad For Your Budget

08.21.2014 |

5_7C blue-black angle

Local Pivot dealer sponsored demo days from Trek, Niner and Pivot. I rode a ton of bikes on some of my favorite trails. Most were really quite good- getting harder to find a “bad” bike from an established company. That said, I absolutely fell in love with one bike out of them all.

It had more travel than I thought I wanted. It cost well more than I wanted to spend. But when I rode the 2012 Mach 5.7 Carbon it did not matter. It by far was the best bike I had ridden in a long time. A bike that fun to descend and handle the rough stuff with should not climb that well. But it does. I think its witchcraft. But I rode a ton of other bikes hoping to find one I liked as much at a lower price point. Alas, no luck. The Mach 5.7 spoiled me.

Today I went into the shop on a unrelated matter, and the new 2013 Mach 5.7 Carbon was in stock- OMGWTFBBQ! Its even nicer than the 2012?!? Why are you doing this to me?

The Fox up front, the full XT build, the carbon bar/wtb saddle- the DT Swiss Tricon wheels- perfect. Just how I would have specced it anyway. The white grips are dumb on a mountain bike, and the tires are not a great choice for my area (easy fixes).

So yes, I just ordered one. A large 2013 Mach 5.7 Carbon. Resistance was futile.

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