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Amnon’s Mach 429 Carbon

03.16.2015 |


Got my new PIVOT Mach 429 carbon 29′ with full XT and “cobalt 2” wheels about 2 month ago. My new PIVOT are an amazing bike with endless “hunger”  for any challenge. No matter if I go x-country, uphill or downhill,  the bike are perfectly balanced ,with great responsiveness to my demands through any technical obstacle. My average riding speed has increased dramatically and the bike simply energize me to go more and more and more…

In our beautiful country we have almost any type of train a biker would want to ride through … A true “bike park” stretching along hundreds of kilometers, starting at the Golan Heights with rough volcanic train at the north, throughout the great beaches of Tel Aviv at the center of the country, climbing to Jerusalem and the Old city at about 900 meters,  down to the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea at minus 400 meters…ending on the south end at the Red Sea. My next challenge is to ride from the north border at Mount Hermon all the way to the city of Eilat at the north shores of the Red sea… about 1100 Km of trails…

Have fun with your PIVOT,

Amnon Raviv


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