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Team Pivot Finland Wins Transvesubienne

06.02.2014 | News

Team Pivot Finland on their 429C’s won the Transvesubienne 2014, a 100k race from Saint-Martin-Vesuble to Nice France, see the map!

More of their story:
Race started at La Colmiane 6:00 at sunrise. Altitude of start is about 1500m and temperature was 5C. Finish is at sea level at the centrum/beach of Nice where temperature was almost 30C. Route is 95km long including 4500m descent and 3200m climbing. 95% of the route is singletrack.

Race went great as Henri finished 2nd loosing only 1min13sec to race winner!

Henri’s time was 6h31minutes. Henri was riding long around 5th place about 7 minutes behind race leader.

Towards the end he increased the pace and did great in the downhill sections and managed almost close the gap!

Great ride from him.

For Kari Veikkolainen this was his third time at Transvesubienne. Last year quite close to finish he crashed breaking the rear derailleur and couldn’t finish the race. This year he did race without problems and finished at 11th with time 7h19min. Very good place considering that Kari don’t do “training” as he says. He is used to do long races and is one of the fastest enduro riders in Finland so for us his 11th place was not that big surprise.

Mikko Kupiainen who was participating at Transvesubienne first time is more used to do short Finnish enduro races and  XC racing. So this kind of long event was new experience for him. He started “easily” trying to keep effort steady making sure to finish such long race. Plan worked well and Mikko finished great at 24th with time 7h41min.

For myself this was second time at Transvesubienne. Race start with long climbing section which I took as slow as possible. After about 1h and 800m climbing when first long downhill section started I punctured my rear tyre. Very bad luck as during previous week riding we didn’t suffer any flats. For rear wheel we all had 750g Maxxis Ikon tyres. After placing the tube lots of slower riders was front of me making downhill difficult. Next few hours I managed to keep tube unbroken and got also new tube to my back pack. Later on in new downhill section tube exploded and I had to replace it. At this point I have passed all technical service points and Mikko also passed me while I’m was changing the tube. Again I’m was riding without spare tube and no team mates was coming behind. I had to take downhills very easily. Luckily I managed to catch Mikko and passed him knowing that he had one spare tube. It didn’t take long until the tube started leaking slowly. I had to stop pumping it and same time Mikko catch me and gave me new tube. I continued with leaking tube at the top of next climb where I replace the tube. Probably I left the tube too empty as it only lasted few kilometers. Now I only had that leaking tube left which I installed with extra care. For long time my only goal was to finish as we still had team race going on. Last kilometers I ride slowly and every now and then I stopped pumping more air. Finally after 8h12mins I finished at 45th. Totally I spend more than 45 minutes stopped and playing with tubes.

There was team race of three riders. Riders in our team EVOC Finland was Henri, Kari and me. Even with my problems we managed to win the team race. Because of where technical and tough route is not easy to get good time for all three riders. It seems that other teams had problems too.

Everyone was riding with Pivot Mach 429C which is quite spot on for this race. Bike is extremely strong build and capable to take hard hits from French rocks. Same time it’s light enough to be able to climb needed 3200m. Bikes where tuned from “Finnish XC setup” to be suitable for super rocky French trails. Changes which where made; stems higher and pointing up, 180/160 discs, dropper posts, 28T chainrings (Henri 30T, but will use 28T next year), stronger tyres, Henri had RS Pike 120mm fork as others had RS SID 120mm.

As a price Henri got flights and accommodation for Megavalance race at island Reunion close to Madagascar.

Race is November this year. Before that he will do Megavalance Alpe d’Huez France and world toughest stage race Iron Bike in Italy.

Feel free to edit and share and please thank behalf of us to everyone responsible of making this great bike!

Best regards
Simo Sohkanen

Henkka was 2nd, Kari was 11th, Mikko was 24th and Simo was 45th.  Congrats to these tough Finns!!

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s7yOaW0nTA#t=13

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