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MBA says almost every mountain bike rider needs a Switchblade!

02.01.2017 | News


“Pivot’s Switchblade is the most advanced and progressive bike the company has ever made… Pivot is known for building bikes that are better than the sum of their parts and able to adapt to trail conditions. Pivot’s 429SL can be ridden on trails because, in addition to being light and efficient, it is also stiff and plush. Pivot’s enduro-inspired Mach 6 is as confident as a downhill bike and light enough to hang with trailbikes. That’s Pivot’s MO—build bikes that can do more than one thing. The Switchblade takes that mantra a step further by not only offering multiple wheel sizes but also adjustable geometry via the multiple headset options, making this one of the most versatile bikes we’ve ever seen from the Arizona company. The only riders who wouldn’t be interested in the Switchblade are die-hard XC and DH racers—and even they might still like to have a Switchblade in their garages for the days they’re not racing the clock.”

Read the entire review here.

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