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Chloe Woodruff & Rose Grant aim high on the World Cup

02.01.2017 | News

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“As two of the nation’s top XC racers, Chloe Woodruff and Rose Grant’s work lives cross over into their personal lives. How could it be otherwise? But the race to the finish is not so much about that one second when they cross the line. Rather, these two women live each day as champions.”

Pivot Cycles is proud to sponsor two of the fastest women in mountain biking. Between the two of them, they race on four different pivot models, each rider choosing the bike that works best for her. Chloe races on the Mach 4 Carbon and LES 27.5, and Rose on the Mach 429 SL Carbon and LES. Get the story on the Stan’s Pivot Women’s World Cup Team here!

Pivot Women XC Chloe Woodruff Rose Grant

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