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Let's hear it! Got a good story of adventure involving your Mach 5.7? Do you want to express your admiration for your new Firebird, and let the world know? How about a fun story about riding a Mach 4? We know you've got something to say about your Pivot, and we want to share it with the world. Email us at, and we'll post it here.

Jake's Mach 6

Jim's New M429C

Wayne LOVES his new Mach 6C

 We love this stuff...

Hi Pivot,

I just picked up my new Pivot Mach 6 and spent the weekend riding my new pride and joy.

I spent a lot of time considering my new ride. I test rode almost every top brand known. (Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz etc.)

I also spent many hours talking to my local bike shop about the Pivot. In the end I decided what the heck, I am just going to build this bike and stop thinking about it.

The Mach 6 has exceeded my wildest expectations. From the moment the tyres touched the dirt, I knew I was on an extraordinary bike that could take me to new riding heights I had never experienced.

Words alone cannot express just how good this bike is and how well it rides.

I just wanted to let you guys know I am blown away with my Mach 6. I LOVE IT!.

 Thanks,  Wayne Burton,  AUS


Culpeper Area Mtn Bike Organization WINS!

 3 Pivot riders form the Culpeper Area Mtn Bike Organization found themselves on the podium for the 2013 Virgina Off Road Series...  CONGRATS!!

Matt Kesecker, Sport Men
Joe White, XCAT/Endurance
Deborah White, XCAT/Endurance

From a fan in South Africa!

 A Pivot dealer in S Africa sent us this letter from one of his customers...  LOVE

Hi Mike, 

I called you last week to tell you my thoughts on my new Pivot Bike.  I thought before I put anything in writing I would take it out for a second spin just to see if my initial reactions were in fact founded on fact or fantasy.

 In a word – mindblowing – what an incredible bike. The overall handling and maneuverability of this epic piece of carbon elevates it straight to legend status. I have never ridden a bike that responds so well to the slightest movement. For me personally it was designed to kill fast flowing tight single-track. It literally flies around corners and opens up whole new lines of attack no matter what the terrain. So as a single track bike it has to be a 12 out of 10. But what about general trail? Uphills have become a little flatter with this incredible carbon beast, especially when combined with the FOX factory shocks, the PIVOT eats hills like there is no tomorrow. On downhills and general trail the bike is super responsive and tends to fly effortlessly over any obstacle. I love the acceleration and speed which I have not felt before this.

 If you thought I was impressed after one outing, I am even more impressed after two. Wow, thank you for a truly incredible bike.  

Regards, Andrew



Liam from Keystone Loves his new LES!

 Hey Guys, 

ust wanted to thank the compony for making such a stellar bike. I got a Pivot Les 29" with xx-1 about a week ago, and have put it through many trials (8,000 feet vert, 100+ miles, and a race) and it is a truly amazing bike. I chose the Les as I wanted a true XC race bike that i could also take out and enjoy on every trail in my mountain town. The geometry of the Les is perfect for this. Acceleration, Descending, Climbing, it does it all. I LOVE IT!! Thank you for making such wonderful bikes of such high quality. I am ecstatic to get the opportunity to race on such a beautiful bike for the upcoming season! 

 Happy riding from 9,000 feet up,

            Liam McDonnell
            Keystone, Colorado USA 

Pivot sponsored rider Steve Thompson...

 I chose to race this season on a Mach 429 carbon which is a full suspension 29 inch wheeled do it all machine that climbs like a goat and descends like a banshee.  After riding it for two weeks I came to the conclusion that it was the first bike i’d ever ridden that I felt made me a better rider & going into every training ride and race with that confidence proved to be key in my results this season.  Add in the fact that the only thing I had to do maintenance wise all season was change tires, make a few minor drive train adjustments and true a couple wheels,  not once did a bolt come loose, the linkage make a squeak or I have a single dnf (did not finish) due to the bike.  Now like most season’s I did have my ups and downs but it ended up on a very positive note and I’m already mapping out what types of events and exact races I want to focus on not only next year but all the way through 2016… eeek, when I turn 40!

Mach 4 LOVE from Australia...

Hi guys,

I thought you might like a picture of a Mach 4 in outback Australia. I bought a frame and built it up as my first bike build and love it. I chose the Mach 4 as I ride on rough dirt roads that get washed out and corrugated and also bush tracks. I wanted something that would make the long rides more comfortable without compromising pedalling efficiency. I also wanted something light but strong and reliable as I am often riding solo in remote areas (sometimes out of cell phone coverage). I chose the Mach 4 from its reputation in those departments. It is my first dual suspension bike and also my first Pivot bike. I am absolutely wrapped with its performance and handling, reliability and strength.

I am based in a small town in Western Australia (600 people) and work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. My rides often cross paths with kangaroos, emus and sometimes snakes out in the bush! I took this photo near sunset on one of my local tracks at a spot called 'the granites.' The late afternoon sun turns the landscape golden and it is a magic time and place to ride.

 Happy riding and "G'day" from "Down under!"

Damon Roberts

John Owen from Stan's Cycle in the UK!


Hi Guys,

A bit of a long one but hopefully you can take the time to read and make use of what I have to say.

Over the last few months, Stan's Cycles in Shrewsbury, England, UK, have signed up to be a Pivot Pro shop, and what an incredible move that has been. As an employee at the shop for over 9 years, starting as a Saturday boy and only being 21 years old now... I feel privileged to have had the chance to ride so many bikes, testing, demoing, thrashing and sometimes destroying them. A job that many enthusiastic people would dream of. Still, not one day of that 9 years has gone to waste and bringing all my knowledge together to take the time and write a couple of reviews for the unmatched 429 which when I had one demo, didn't want to give back and the just sensational 5.7carbon - which I have since chosen to be this years weapon of choice and so far, it has not disappointed claiming me a race win and high finishes in other events in the Elite category. I am pushing the Pivot brand all I can, on the Twitter, Facebook, in the shop and on the trails. May the current success of Pivot continue.

Pivot Mach 429 carbon.

From the moment anyone offers me a ride on a 29er, I am always slightly dubious, especially when the Pivot 429 started rolling out the back of the van and I was asked “you’re not going anywhere muddy are you? The rear tyre is looking pretty slick”…

Throughout the debut ride on the lightweight 429 carbon, I grew a love for the bike. After being so dubious at the start, I was soon feeling well in control of a bike I had never ridden and by all accounts I was not riding this thing gently. As every trail centre I seem to have been to starts with a leg-burning climb, I was pleasantly surprised with just how polite and positive the bike’s feedback was up the hill. Significantly stiff and responsive, the bigger and so called more draggy 29er wheel wasn’t by any means a slug and was doing exactly what my legs were telling it to, ultimately a feeling of incredible efficiency with power being sent directly to the back wheel. Even on tight uphill switchbacks, the front wheel wasn’t forcing itself into the air, but staying firmly planted resulting in pinpoint accuracy. The 429 was taming the undulating trail with its pedal efficient DW link and again super stiff carbon chassis with bolt through axles, allowing pop between whoops and heaps of acceleration out of corners flat or bermed. So far the bike was performing and tolerating the beating of what I would be doing normally on a 150mm plus 26” rig. Negotiating wet roots seemed a breeze with a bigger wheel, significantly reducing the height at which the obstacle stood proud, maintaining momentum was simple with even just a light turn of the pedal, only a sodden and boggy Eastridge making pedalling hard going. One area of the bike which surprised me the most considering the bigger wheel, was just how easy the 429 is to pedal!

Onto the downhill, the area I am most familiar with. Telling myself before the ride, “this isn’t a downhill bike so ride it how it should be ridden.” But how would anyone know what the bike’s limits are if they aren’t tested? I am writing this not with a broken leg but after having taken the 429 to various places from trail centres to super natural, loamy trail bases and then back to pure up and down mountain biking over the hills of Shropshire and Wales, and everywhere it has been, it has stayed rubber side down. Mistakes I have made on this bike have been due to poor judgement and fault of my own, and somehow I have ridden out of trouble. I am yet to find the limit, and trust me… it has been severely punished. The bike has taken me through some tight and nasty off-camber and tyre piercing descents, whilst only faulting in cramped and lairy corners you would expect a bigger wheeled bike to do so in, and even then I was comparing it to a downhill bike. There is confidence when getting airborne due to the well-balanced geometry with getting stylish feeling such light work too despite all the different forces and scientific issues that a bigger wheel is said to have. At high speeds, it feels comfortable and stable with obviously a slightly larger wheelbase being partly to commend. The rear wheel seeming to effortlessly stay glued to the ground for maximum grip, but stiff enough to change direction or hop ruts and rip your self out of trouble. There was certainly no lack of grip even on the slick when cutting fellow riders up on the inside line after a mass start down wide-open fire trail. Even under braking the bike was still predicable and controllable, inspiring me to ride faster knowing that stopping was not going to be an issue.

Taking the rigours of national downhill tracks and climbs of the Welsh hills so beautifully, it is more than fair to say the bike exceeded expectations across all aspects, whilst staying so fitting to cross country racing or weekend trail bashing, it really can do it all. With a super stiff carbon frame, the bike constantly feels alive and nimble, and just begs to be ridden evermore aggressively up or down. Yet to find an obstacle the 429 cant handle, I honestly didn't think before taking the bike out, just how capable this 100/120mm travel 29er would be.

I am lucky enough to have ridden many 29ers over the past two years and yes, I am one of those people that struggled to accept the change from 26” to 29er. Two years on I now see good as well as bad in the bigger wheel, but this one really does have me scratching my head to find the negatives. An extremely stiff and versatile bike, playful enough to hit the senders and efficient enough to get you back to the top, all day long."


Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon.

It seems that these days, one of the most important, but realistically quite irrelevant factors of a bike, is the weight. No bike company will strive to have a heavy bike and anything below that 29/30lbs mark is considered pretty light, most bikes are coming sub that straight out of the box! However, on arrival I lifted the 5.7 carbon from the cardboard container and slapped it straight in the scales. To my delight the scales read a satisfactory 27lbs… considering the bikes capabilities that is not to be sniffed at!

With plans to spend some quality time on the 5.7 I altered the stem, bars and tyres to suit and hit the trails with a familiar set-up, and wow. The first striking characteristic of the bike hit me as bluntly as a punch in the face, stiff, as a word doesn’t even cut it. With the intelligent DW link onboard, the anti-squat back end and super stiff carbon chassis is a match made in heaven, with minor if any pedal feedback from this 145mm travel beast even when tearing the pedals out of the saddle! Having such a bulked up BB area and stiff lay up, the 5.7 just welcomes the pedal strokes and as mentioned above, the DW link encourages momentum to be carried effortlessly with the feeling of being hoisted through the sickest of rocky, uphill stints even bringing a slight smile to the face of the fortunate rider.

The sick uphill stints aside, the overall climbing ability of this bike is hot. Being nimble and well poised on tighter switchback climbs and a solid grafter on the long slogs, the5.7 is no slouch.

The excitement I have had from this bike will be a hard one to match. Almost every element that makes a good bike is present, and that’s no different when heading down. Control comes in its masses bringing confidence and predictability, even with the rubber sliding millimetres from the point of no return, it seems to know and willingly corrects itself keeping it dialled between ruts and maintaining a stable composure when crossing between them.

Cornering is accurate with the super stiff chassis, it really is a point and shoot kind of bike with wet roots and rocky off cambers not bouncing the bike off the desired line, thus allowing you to look ahead with the reassurance of knowing the bike will do what you have just told it to. In all honesty, the Mach 5.7 has never been to blame for rookie mistakes; only the rider’s misjudgement sends this thing off course.

With a perfect angled headtube (67degree) the Mach 5.7 remains responsive on swoopy corners yet tracks on the steeper loamy downhills, easily popping jumps and drops and encouraging a fun off-piste play in the pine needle covered woods.

After a couple of successful races onboard the Mach 5.7, it is safe to say it has lived up to expectations under pressure, coupled with a 150mm or a more gnarly 160mm fork, I am yet to find anything this bike cant do. For me – it has brought a new definition to the word “fun” and there is never a rainy day where I wish to stay inside, knowing there is copious amounts of enjoyment to be had on this ultimate trail weapon."

Again, please find use for these if you wish - it would be great to see them posted somewhere, check out the photo attached, me on-board the 5.7 on the way to victory. I love it!

Cheers, John Owen

Stan's Cycles, 53-54 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1XJ 

A young friend of Pivot LOVES demos!!

Last weekend our family was in Bend and ran into your local PNW rep and Sagebrush Cycles out at Phil’s Trail. Went over and said hi to them and my son ended up taking out a Mach 5.7. The guys were super pro, very approachable and doing a great job at getting people out on Pivots.

Thanks to you and them for making my son’s day.. Rick

The 5.7C is his favorite bike to date...

  Hey, I have to say, the Mach 5.7 carbon is my favorite bike to date.  Raced it this weekend, and had a super fun ride. Nice work Pivot!

Danielle Dickmeyer

Leo and his 429C

  Leo rockin the Duxbury lighthouse on his new Carbon 429 @71!

Antien from Indonesia and her XS 5.7!

Antien, An Indonesian Female pivot riders in Action!  Her Pivot Mach 5.7 size XS in Indonesia's various All Mountain Tracks.  She's glad when she found this bike which the ergonomic, size, and genre.. are suitable to her.

429 races the Cliffhanger Challenge in VA

  Here's a pic of me riding my Mach 429 at the pre-ride for the Cliffhanger Challenge at Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen, VA, and rocking the classic Pivot jersey too!  Taken 5/25/2013.

Joseph White

Harry from Ontario and his new Mach 4

This was the first ride on my beloved mach 4, purchased from the fine folks at Cycle Solutions, in Toronto. This place is called Aikens Quarry, in Quinte West, Ontario. Just 15 minutes from my home. I discovered it in a mtb trail guide. This place caters to all abilities. This bike is my dream come true.

Joseph Shelley,
Trenton, Ontario

Kristi takes her 5.7 to Moab from Michigan!

Last fall, my husband purchased a used Mach 5.7 for me for our upcoming Moab trip. The last time we were in Moab, I rode my Titus Racer x and the Mach 5.7 was such an improvement. I found I could tackle the rough downhills with more confidence, but still climb with ease. I'm already thinking of a Mach 4 for our tame Michigan trails. 

Carl in Great Falls VA & his 429

 My 429 conquering Great Falls, VA. Love the bike! 

Marco from S Texas and his 5.7

WOW is what I have to say about this ride. 

I ordered the Mach 5.7 XT/XTR Pro build from my LBS this past week. This bike loves to fly right on over the rocks we have down here in Texas. 

The crew at Pivot puts out one Heck of a Product!  Keep up the great work guys!

 Marco C.  South Texas   

Rebecca Tschider and her Les

 Hello and Thank you!

First I want to thank all of you for the outstanding service and support in the journey to land me on my first 29er and my first Hardtail! The LES is absolutely incredible! I am sorry to say (a little) that I am not really missing the full suspension yet :)…I have had it out and about and on the rocky terrain of Phoenix and while I was very unsure about switching to a hardtail, never having owned one, it rides wonderful! At my height of 5’4” I had not found a 29er where I did not feel I was giving up handling due to pairing the large wheels with small frames, the LES has beat all of my expectations. Switch back, drops, it is very stable but yet very responsive! I feel like my technical downhill skills are improving with each ride on it!

 Thank you so much!  Rebecca

A Midwest Mach 429C

Chris and Team,

I rode almost every make and  model of FS bike and the Mach 429 was my favorite by a distance.  When the 429C was introduced, I knew it was time to build my once-in-a-life-time bike.  Set-up includes: medium frame, full XTR (Race and Trail mix), Fox Talas29 120, Enve 29 XC (DT 240/custom graphics), Schwalbe tires (Rocket Ron & Racing Ralph), Syntace seatpost and bars, and Specialized Phenom Pro saddle.  Looking forward to my next O-I-L-T bike - Pivot LES.  Thanks Pivot for designing such an awesome bike. 

 S. Endres, Michigan

To the Greatest Bike Company in the Universe - THANK YOU!

I'd like to thank you for building the sickest bikes ever. I am an extremely proud owner of a super mini pink Pivot Mach 5.7. This bike is by far the most versatile bike I've ever owned, and many people can't help but comment on my beautiful steed. It's capabilities far surpass my riding skills but there is no doubt that this bike has made me a far better rider than I thought I could be. I ride it with so much confidence. Jumps, no problem. Drops, sure thing. Techy single track, giddy up! Just loooooooove my bike! I've attached a shot of my steed along with an "action" shot of me hitting a lil' drop at our local trails in Melbourne Australia (this was taken on my very first ride on my Pivot).

Cheers, Mary

Sponsored Rider AJ, his Les & Rue!

 Rue's first mountain bike ride!  Loving the LES--what a sweet bike.  



Spring time riding in the Pacific Northwest on my Mach 5.7 Carbon

 Location: East Tiger Mountain Summit, Wa

Bike is a Mach 5.7 Carbon with a 140mm shimmed down 36 Fox Float (for added stiffness up front), XT/XTR pro package, Mavic Crossmax ST's.  This is what I built this bike for...  The ride starts off on a fire road with a 4 mile climb and gains ~2,000ft.  Then it transitions into 5 mile downhill with a mix of fast flow, roots, rocks and drops.  It finishes with a 2 mile stretch of cross country single track.  Awesome trail with a perfectly matched bike.

 Thanks Pivot!  Brian Wolford

Danny Ngo's 429C


To the great team at PIVOT CYCLES... I've been shopping/researching and even tested many different bikes for a few months now and finally invested in the Mach 429 Carbon! All I can say is that  that was the best $5000+ investment with absolute NO REGRETS. Took it on the trail at IRVINE REGIONAL PARK in Southern California and it was a beast not only from climbing to descending.

 Thank you again and will recommend this to all my friends!


Allison Belgarde shredding Soquel Demo Forest on her Firebird

Pivots in the Redwoods!


Colin Rogers and his wife enjoying a ride in the redwoods up on the Mendocino coast on their Pivots... She on a Mach 4, and he a carbon Mach 5.7. Life doesn't get much better. (Except for the fact that the North Coast Brewery was closed that afternoon!)

Pivot LOVE from Indonesia!

 These sweet pics were sent to us by Indonesian photographer Manli Yap, he had this to say...

"My friend Ferry David riding his Pivot - Firebird at Bamboe Track, Cijeruk - West Java, Indonesia.  He said, 'I feel like a bird with my Firebird'".

Pink and Awesome

 Hey guys @ Pivot!

Only mtbing 2 years and really wanted something "me" so four bikes later my pink machine was born. I had spotted a Pink Pivot ridden at a race in Dublin, Ireland by very talented Northern Irish girl and wanted it badly.  A bit of buying and selling to fund the build I'm currently the only owner of a Pink Pivot in the Republic of Ireland and its standing out from the crowd in a big bright way!!! 

This bike has boosted my confidence like no other so Go Raibh Maith Agat PIVOT :)  I love my bike

This is my pink awesomeness up Ticknock, Dublin during a brief spell of snow in January.

Slán agus beannacht.



5.7 Carbon Versatility

Attached is a nice pic of our partner Sebastian Jeffs  during the biggest XC race in Chile. He was a favorite to win the toughest category after Pro/Elite because of the challenging terrain, but the 145mm gave a few of the other racers on hardtails an edge on the ascents. So he finished 4th. But we sold a 5.7 carbon XX1 at the race so we are very happy!


Marlon Huerta

For the smaller rider!

Hello there,

Just wanted to thank you for including smaller sizes in your line of trail bikes! I'm a 4'11" female rider who is loving her pink 2013 XS Mach 5.7 Carbon. This is me riding a local trail, Demo Forest, in the Santa Cruz mountains - CA. 


Kaitlin Nguyen

Love My New Girl 5.7 Carbon

 Hey Pivot,

Just wanted to tell you how much I love my new "GIRL" Carbon 5.7! You should know that she replaced a trusted friend "Old Blue" which I had for six years! I was never going to give her up until I got my new Pivot! This is me doing Big Laguna Meadow in Noble Canyon, CA! I know it's not fancy but I am having a lot of fun with her!!

Thanks Pivot!!!!
Kim Finch
Whittier, CA

Winds of Change

 Hey there,


I’m currently testing a Mach4, having come from a carbon team Merida HT which i absolutely adored until i drove it into my garage recently – I’ve always been a HT rider....i don’t have much experience with dual suspension bikes and I’ve been trying this out for a couple of weeks now and F*&K ME – what a bike!!! I love a bit of downhill because my climbing sucks, last night I beat one of my best times on a climb that I could only reach with my carbon framed bike and the ride down was like going to heaven. I’ve been told this bike doesn’t climb well – they can stick that somewhere dark and mysterious.


As I mentioned – I don’t know much at all about dual suspension – I’ll be racing this bike in April and I hope by then it will be set up for my liking – if I buy it.  It’s running XTR rims and tubeless, FOX rear and SID front shocks X9/ X0 group set – carbon bars etc – what ya think?.


So what this email is all about – in a long winded way- I just wanted to say I am really impressed with this bike and I feel like I’ve been riding it for years, it has felt comfortable very, very fast and it already feels like my bike.. Smashed out some PR’s last night on it, it felt great. now it’s me that has to get fit out of respect for the bike.


Anyway – my daughter rides a Merida – the way this is going, she’ll be getting a dually very soon....




Matthew Murcott

Pivot in Puerto Rico

 Here are some photos of a ride I just did on a Mach 4 in Salinas, Puerto Rico. The Los Pinchos trails.  This was the first time on a Pivot, and i loved it!  It's definitely going to be my next bike of choice!

"My Baby"

 Hey guys,


I’m not on the bike but I just thought that that was a really nice shot of my baby on the Kingdom Trail circuit in East Burke Vermont.  I finally have the build exactly where I want it this year and I’m quite proud of it! This thing is dialed in perfectly and I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for making such amazing bikes!


Hope you use the shot!


Francois, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Great bike, Great Location

 Absolutely loving the Mach 5.7 carbon, can't stop riding it
Full XTR groupset, DT Swiss wheels and hubs
Thomson stem and seat post
All up the bike weighs 11.5kg
Congratulations on designing an awesome bike

Lucky Me

I was out riding in the morning, pre -hurricane Sandy , thinking that the lovely trails will be filled with "blow downs" and the projected strong winds will make a mess out of the world famous "Blue Mountain" in Westchester County NY.

The 5.7 is the perfect trail bike for this kind of terrain as it gobbles up the rocky landscape of metro NY.  Riding the wheels off of it

Thanks for paying attention in geometry class! As the ad says... "Lucky Me"

Happy Pivot owner


Paul Gursky


Man's Two Best Friends

Hey Pivot, 

I got my 2011 5.7 around last thanksgiving.  I love this bike.  I was immediately able to ride things I couldn't ride on my old 29er.  This bike is a beast on the uphills and flies downhill.  My biking has gotten so much better since I got my 5.7.  The only thing I don't like about it is that its so much fun now I want a Firebird too.  Thanks for doing such a great job, keep up the good work.

Jon Moch
Hood River, OR

My dog Jiro and my 5.7 riding Kniebal Springs Trail near Mt Hood

My 5.7 on the Whoopdess trail in Hood River

Mammoth work horse

Owen River just below Mammoth Mtn California on an awesome summer day.

Out for a ride through the Owens Valley with the boys on an epic weeklong trip. My 5.7 handled the downhill singletrack runs on Mammoth beautifully, and was equally at home on this flowing doubletrack trekking. One and a half years now and barrely a sign of cable rub on this full XTR build that has held together perfectly. Just took it in for a complete teardown and no parts need replacing, including pivot bearings and bottom bracket cartridge. This bike gets ridden 2-3 day a week with river crossings and weekly hose washing. Xcellent Job Pivot!!

Robert Cleeland - Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

From the land down under

 Hi Guys,

Just wanted to show you a few pics of my Mach 5.  This bike suits my local trails here in Perth Western Australia.  Full XT build does everything it needs to.  Thanks to the guys at my local shop for building it up from scratch.

 My friend just bought the 5.7 carbon and I must say I am jealous.  How did the bike get soooo much better?!  I hope to upgrade soon.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making an awesome bike.  My other considerations at the time of purchased were Yeti SB-66 (too heavy and not as efficient) and the Scott Genius .


Avoid Pivot Demo Days- They are bad for your budget!

Local Pivot dealer sponsored demo days from Trek, Niner and Pivot. I rode a ton of bikes on some of my favorite trails. Most were really quite good- getting harder to find a "bad" bike from an established company. That said, I absolutely fell in love with one bike out of them all.

It had more travel than I thought I wanted. It cost well more than I wanted to spend. But when I rode the 2012 Mach 5.7 Carbon it did not matter. It by far was the best bike I had ridden in a long time. A bike that fun to descend and handle the rough stuff with should not climb that well. But it does. I think its witchcraft. But I rode a ton of other bikes hoping to find one I liked as much at a lower price point. Alas, no luck. The Mach 5.7 spoiled me.

Today I went into the shop on a unrelated matter, and the new 2013 Mach 5.7 Carbon was in stock- OMGWTFBBQ! Its even nicer than the 2012?!? Why are you doing this to me?

The Fox up front, the full XT build, the carbon bar/wtb saddle- the DT Swiss Tricon wheels- perfect. Just how I would have specced it anyway. The white grips are dumb on a mountain bike, and the tires are not a great choice for my area (easy fixes).

So yes, I just ordered one. A large 2013 Mach 5.7 Carbon. Resistance was futile.

Rides Great

 Pivot going international and getting feed back from Gregorio Larrazabal on his Mach 4-

"Rides GREAT

Put on the Fox fork, and slapped on an XT group set.  I put on ENVE stem, post and handlebar and Chris King Headset.  I put on an old Industry Nine Ednuro wheelset, I had these wheels for some time now.  It's a red fade-into black wheelset. I9 used to produce these wheels but stopped.  Will try to look for a 2013 white Fox fork ...might look good on the bike.

Thanks again"

AWESOME pics from Mach 5 owner Bradley Tillotson.

Bradley Tillotson of Albuquerque, NM really loves his Mach 5... as you can see from the amazing photos.

In his own words;

I am in love with my Mach 5 out here in Albuquerque, NM. The weather is warm and we are tearing it up out here!! Thanks for designing such an amazing bike.

Double the awesome!

Brian Sanchez sent in this pic from the Fontana City National Super D race March 24th and 25th.

Brian rode to 3rd on his Mach 5.7 and Ron Huber won aboard his Firebird!

Mach 5.7 love from Brian Sanchez of the US Marines!

I love my Mach 5.7! 

Thanks again to Chris and his Pivot Team for creating "hands down" the best ALL MOUNTAIN bike on the market.  XC, Super-D, Tech Trail, this bike not only can accomplish them all, but excels in all.  As a working class rider, I really appreciate the ability to purchase 1 bike to do-it-all.

At 39, I may not be the fasted, but my Pivot sure makes me feel like I am and definitely gave me the advantage in my first ever racing experience with 2nd Overall for the 2012 SouthRidge USA Winter Series Super-D for my class.


Brian; thank you for your service to the country- we're proud to have you aboard a Pivot!

Ferry David from Indonesia loves his Firebird!

Hi Pivot !
I just want to share my experience of riding my FireBird…..

with my FireBird……… 145km touring, …… 200 - 1700m above sea level uphill,…….. downhill under a minute……. I went through without a problem!

Firebird……… good job !
Ferry David
Jakarta – Indonesia

Brian Tong loves his Firebird!

Scott Edwards of Endless Cycles in Castro Valley, CA sent in this pic of his very happy customer Brian Tong during his first ride on his new Firebird.

Kinda makes you feel warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?!

Ilan Goldstein's Mach 5.7 above Los Angeles

Ilan Goldstein is a man of few words... but good words;

Dear Pivot,

Thanks for a bitchin' Bike.

Ilan Goldstein

Tom Black loves his Mach 5.7

LOVE this letter from new Pivot family member Tom Black;

I am attaching pictures of the new sled. I did the whole blue/white/silver thing. 25.0 pounds. XX build. Thomson. Crossmax ST's w/ 2.4 Nobby Nic's (not exactly the lightest wheelset but strong/sturdy for slamming through the rock gardens). I love this thing! Climbs far better than my Nomad Carbon; not quite the travel going down but smoother. I also have a Blur, Heckler, and three Niner's (including the Jet9RDO). The Pivot is hands down my favorite - just about the perfect ride. Has me thinking about selling some of the others so I can build up a Firebird for the runs to Downieville. :)
Just a fantastic job - thanks!

Demo Love from The Path demo in Tustin CA

Here is what Matthias Jezek had to say about his Firebird demo experience at the recent Path demo in Tustin, CA;  


Hi Guys, 


Just a quick summary .... 

My bike had the following setup;  black medium frame (BTW too small for me, tested Large and that's the ticket ) 170mm Fox Float, 710 mm handlebar with 60mm stem,  XT 10-speed double ( 24/36 ) with MRP chain guide, New 2012 XT Deore Brakes, DT Swiss wheels with 2.3 Kenda.


Regarding the components:  New XT brakes are the Bomb !!!!! Cheaper than anything else but super strong and decent light, forget the XT drive train , SRAM , even XO is better, MRP chain guide is specifically designed for the frame with the floating front derailleur ( E-Type ) and works perfect on both front rings, 710 Handlebar is clearly the right choice, fork and rear shock worked flawless but sensitive to right air pressure (180 front and rear ). Setup on front: ( 3 clicks high speed and 10 clicks low speed compression, 4 clicks rebound ).

With a little bit of a nice talk and my Austrian accent I was able to grab the bike and drive with my own truck to Santiago Oaks and returned it 1 1/2 later ... hehehe


Climbing:(Chutes) :  no need for Pro Pedal, dw-Link does all the job, climbing was a easy, no extra effort.  (timed myself up Chutes, faster time than David on his Remedy ), specially the switch backs were easy to tackle, even standing up, bike responded with acceleration !


Flat terrain: ( Road Runner trail ):  bike is fast enough, that you would wish for a triple on the front ! 


Downhill: (Chutes):  yummy ! Can't beat 170mm !!!!


Jumping: (Chutes):  yummy ! Can't beat 170mm !!!!


The guy (Josh) from Pivot running the demo events all over the country, showed me his own bike ...  Firebird with Talas 36 180mm, Saint brakes (4-piston) and adjustable seat. He said no problem going up San Juan, after the test ride I believe him !   Bike weight 30-31lbs with solid components, there are builts out there with 28lbs but not serious about downhill/park ride.  Only change from 2011 to 2012, rear 142/12mm axle, he said you will not feel the difference  ( but I say, it is now the standard for 2012 .... LOL ) 

Last but not least: white frame looks the killer ! 


Matthias Jezek

Thank YOU Matthias!

Frank Bosma of the Netherlands


Best regards!

I love the bike...... Also like to see people checking it out because they have never seen it before in the Netherlands.


Andy Lane- Service Manager of Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff puts the Phoenix to the test!

Here's a little video from our friends at Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff, AZ. Service Manager Andy Lane puts his new Phoenix DH bike to the test... looks like they just might lke each other!

Follow THIS LINK to view... 

Thanks a lot for sharing guys!

Gregory Williams' Mach 5.7

Gregory bought his Mach 5.7 from Cyclepath in Portland, OR and sent this pic from the Larison Rock Trail. 

Nicely done Greg!
(And thanks for sharing.)

The Snow is Melting

The weather has finally started to turn warm in the Northeast and the snow is finally gone. I've ridden the Pivot in the (deep) snow several times, but was never really able to get a feel for it because of the conditions.

Finally, last week I rode French Creek, which is one of our rockier local trails. The Pivot was amazing. It would take a much longer e-mail to express how much I enjoyed riding it. I feel like it took my skill level up a couple notches, and it really inspired confidence on the downhills too. My friends were all commenting how sweet a ride it is and how well I seemed to be riding it.
I can't wait to get it out on some epic rides this summer.
Thanks again & good job on building an amazing bike!


Maggie Synge of Australia- making her Mach 429 go fast and look awesome!

Maggie Synge from Australia sent in this photo and these words... 

Maggie Synge and her Pivot Mach 429!
Maggie Synge and her Pivot Mach 429

"I came 5th!  It is a tough 5 day, 7 stage race in the Red Center of
Australia.  I love my Pivot and couldn't have done that well without
it!  I have been on the podium at every race since getting it (5th was
podium finish at Alice) and never had been before. My Mach 429 rules!

Thanks for your help,


Maggie- thank YOU! Here's to hoping that podium streak continues unabated!

Nice work Pivot!

I had the opportunity over the weekend to go with the Sports Garage folks to Moab and Fruita. Chris J set me up on a Mach 5.7. I really enjoyed it.  I never put it on a scale, but it has a very light and lively ride to it.  Felt GREAT uphill (and that's saying something as I'm well over 200lbs these days), while being very plush downhill. That was the big surprise for plush it felt. I was expecting it to be too "racer-boy" type rigid, but it really felt like a bigger travel rig on the way down.  Don't even get me started with how it carved up the trails at Road 18 in Fruita.  Ultimate sweetness!  Did I mention how light and fast it felt on the climbs?  A home run for sure.  Needless to say, I'm not getting much work done this morning as I'm thinking about that bike.

Thank you,


It's Not Marketing-speak!

I know you have a great marketing team and come up with your own content, but here is something I thought about last week, taking in mind your logo and quality of bikes you produce (Keep in mind I am in construction and not marketing).
"Pivot Cycles...learn to fly through the mountains. Whether you're gliding through the single track on a long epic cross country run or flying through the trees as you barrel down the DH coarse. On the back of a Pivot, don't be afraid to soar with your wings fully spread, because our bikes are made to withstand the extremes. The quality, engineering and attention to detail will always ensure our bikes will exceed all expectations."

Kiwi Pivot Lover

My brother lives in Boulder and we scored a demo Mach 429 from Golden Bikes. I was looking for a top-notch full suspension 29er and hadn't even considered a Pivot. Boy, am I glad! It was pointed out to me that you couldn't do much better than this bike!

I had been riding a 29er hard tail and was really suffering on the rougher, more technical rides. My first ride on this bike was on a series of trails with a variety of terrain — a few rocky bits, drop offs and tight switchbacks along with fast singletrack.  

Basically this bike has made me a better rider — no question.  I'm more confident on the rough stuff, and it is surprisingly quick uphill and on the road.

Maybe I'm the only New Zealander with a Pivot Mach 429?  What a privilege :)

I am not the best rider, I just happen be riding the best equipment.

I purchased a Pivot Firebird in July 2010 from a small retailer in San Diego. Took it straight to Salida, Colorado. The first ride was the Crest Trail, and the bike climbed like a goat! Had no problems on any of the technical features going up.

And going back down? Wow!! We descended Silver Creek (5000 vertical feet) in no time at all. Super fast and the bike was under control.

Next stop was Keystone mtn bike park. Tossed on some platform pedals and had 2 days of serious downhill. I know the bike isn't made for it, but dang it was it fun. Kept up with the big bikes, took some big hits, felt at home.

It loved Phil's World to. Smoked the hard tail 29'ers. (Why someone would ride without suspension is beyond me)

It loved the technical trails in Sedona. Soak's up the big hits in South Mountain in Phoenix. And has no problem going up as well.

I come from a BMX background. I got into mountain biking 18 months ago. The Firebird replaced my first mtn bike, a Roscoe. (After just 9 months.)

I am not the best rider, I just happen be riding the best equipment. It makes riding the rough stuff easy and fun! And it makes riding the easy stuff fun to!

I love my Firebird, just wish I could be a spokes person for them!

- Greg

Nice Job Pivot!

So my new custom build Pivot Mach 5.7, all XTR, with the new Crank Bros Cobalt series bling has been seen for about a week and a half by my buddies who share the same passion with me.  It's all ready to go, sitting in my garage. We are all incredibly impressed by the way it looks, and the choice, properly colored components to match from grips, to wheels to seat post. Problem is, it's been raining in So Cal since the day my good friends at INCYCLE Rancho Cucamonga finished the build. The bike looks so good I can't fathom the idea of taking it out in the rain & slop. 

I made two rides in between rain days with my soon to be replaced Trek EX 9 - and took some serious razzing from my buddies. 

When the Pivotal day came to finally get my new bike out, the Mach 5.7 that I've been jonesing over for a couple months, I thought how much better can it be? We hit Sycamore Cyn in Riverside and I was seriously blown away by the improvement, how this bike handles, and just how much better a bike can be.  It seemed so light, nimble and responsive in the climb right from our starting point.  It seems so nimble and light that I immediately grew concerned about losing the front end on steep techy climbs, until I hit the first of those.  I actually said out loud "awesome" as I made my first steep climb in a tight narrow area with two-foot deep rain ruts that had to be avoided.  The bike stuck like glue with the front end staying perfectly planted, and never even hinting at lifting.  I love to climb, and I can say this bike is much more efficient than I am used to, and it has only made me a better climber. 

Now the best part, after all the record December rain and serious ruts that were delivered by Mother Nature, I rode our normal route in record time with more confidence than ever.  I found my self realizing that I was still in the saddle on one of the high speed downhill fire roads, when on my previous bike I thought of that area as seriously rough—requiring the attack position. At that point in time it hit me: this bike really handles.  This bike gobbles up the terrain, the rear tire stays planted even while flying through an area with ruts crossing the trail, and I rarely hear the chain slap that I have been used to from my previous bike.  The braking efficiency on my Pivot over a rutted out trail is improved over my previous Trek who touts the superior advantages of their ABP braking system. The Pivot's brakes work because the rear tire stays planted on the trail.

I had more confidence than ever on my first ride out, with the trail being in the worst shape I have ever seen. At the end of our ride, sizing it all up over a cold beer, my buddy who wound up chasing me all day said the confidence in my riding was noticeable from his view throughout the ride. By the end of our ride I realized just how much better a bike can be.  Anyone contemplating a new bike? No need to look any further—Nice job Pivot!


Robert Cleeland

Thanks for an AWESOME bike!

To the crew at Pivot-

Finished building my Mach 4 a couple months ago, and have ridden it many times since...Wow! I expected a great ride after talking to others and reading the reviews, but it far exceeds what I expected!

I've been riding and racing mountain bikes for almost 20 years, but made the switch to full suspension only 2 1/2 years ago. I rode the Ellsworth Truth for the first two years. I experimented with the suspension quite a bit, but it still had too much "bob" during climbing for me. Otherwise, it was a solid bike, but I wanted more.

My next bike was a Specialized S Works Epic, that I have been riding and racing this past season. A great race bike, but its downfall is that it's not exactly plush...which I completely expected and can deal with when racing. That bike was built for one race.

A few months ago I decided to buy an additional bike, one that would be my main XC/Trailbike. So I started my search for a 4" travel (which is plenty for my style of riding) that would basically be light, stiff, climb well, and soak up the bumps. After a lot of research, talking to others and reading countless reviews, I chose the Mach 4. I could not have made a better choice!

I ordered the frame, and built the bike up over a couple weeks...and hit the trails. After spending some time during the first couple of rides I have the suspension dialed in.  Like I said earlier, Wow!  The bike handles everything outstandingly!  Rips through the singletrack, downhills, bumps (big and small), but most importantly for me, it is an unbelievable climber! I have only had the ProPedal on once, just to see the difference, but ride with it off, even during the climbs. I find it does great climbing in the off position, and find myself looking down at the shock sometimes just to see that it is, in fact, in the off position. Your suspension design is amazing! To me this bike climbs better than a hardtail because the rear suspension moves just enough to keep traction on the rougher parts of a climb. I will be doing some racing on this bike next season, even though that was not the original intention of my purchase.

Also, during my build I called you guys at Pivot a couple times with questions and you guys were always more than willing to help...something I really appreciate!  I feel completely confident that if ever needed, your customer service will be there for me.

Thanks, Pivot, for an AWESOME bike!

Rick Morris

Pivot was the only choice for me

Dear Pivot Team,

On November 16, 2010 your company demonstrated what true customer service is and you have a new advocate for your company. I had recently completed the build of my new Mach 5.7 and took my bike down to California for its inaugural ride. My riding partner and I started riding up a fire road and I noticed that steering my bike was difficult even riding on this smooth surface. We pulled off the trail and inspected the bike, and after pulling my headset off and removing the fork we noticed that the bottom cup of my headset had been sucked up into the head tube of the frame. Needless to say the ride was cut short and my frustration was mounting.

I was fortunate to find a nearby Pivot dealer in Newberry Park and met with their mechanic. I described the problem and it was discovered that the wrong size bottom cup was installed on the bike. I take some blame for this because I purchased the headset separately. So I called your company to ensure I would get the correct bottom cup this time and I spoke with your team members, told them the story and within minutes they assured me that a new FSA headset would be sent to me at no charge. Your team members stated that they wanted to help get me back on my bike asap and be able to spread the Pivot word (which I have been gladly doing).

My experience with your company's customer service did not start on the 16th of this month, it began when I was researching your bikes and getting serious about purchasing the new Mach 5.7. Every time I called to ask technical questions on the bike and build kits I was always greeted by a friendly person answering the phone (not a recording with menu options). Your team was just as friendly at Interbike, so with the quality product you put out and your top notch customer service, Pivot was the only choice for me.

In closing I wanted to say that it is refreshing to come across a company such as yours that encompasses quality products and great customer service. In my line of work as a Fire Captain here in Las Vegas, great customer service is a chance to leave a lasting impression on the public even when operating at emergency scenes. You have certainly incorporated that personal service into your company and I commend you on that.

Evan Hannah

Mach 4 Travel

Pivot Crew,
Just wanted to let you know that after a solid race season on my Mach 4 we went on a little 4,600 mile road trip. San Diego to the Flume trail, and then to Sun Valley and Adam's Gulch. After "The Gulch" and some sweet singletrack we headed to Bend, OR for four days and many hours of riding. Then off to Oakridge after a day on the McKenzie River Trail. The Mach 4 handled everything that I threw at it. I love my Mach 4! Looking forward to some 12-hour races on the Pivot next year. Thanks for building and awesome bike!


Pivot 429 is the best

I spoke on the phone a couple of times with you as I was deciding on which bike to buy and again after purchasing the Mach 429.
I wanted to share my excitement with Pivot.

For the longest time, I have been riding a 26 inch wheeled hard tail titanium bike. During the past couple of months I began searching for a full suspension 29R that I could use as a competitive XC bike and also use for an all around trail bike. I spent time on many 29R's and landed on the Pivot 429 as being the best. Compared to all the other's, the Mach 429 has be best combination of quick steering yet stable at high speeds. It climbs solid with no flexing yet soaks up the rough stuff when needed. And, the bike looks great. I have the silver frame which really shows of the quality craftsmanship and the perfect welds. The Mach 429 has made me a much faster rider. I can climb just as quick as I do on my hard tail and am much faster on the flats and down hills. So much, that I have now been requested to move from Sport class to Expert class.

Also, I attached a few pictures of the Pivot at a recent race at Vail Lake California. This is where I took fastest Sport of the day…now moving to Expert.
I will be racing the Mach 429 at a variety of locations mostly Southern California. I will also be racing the 24hour in Tucson in February. I am really enjoying the bike and am glad to spread good word to everyone I meet letting them know what a great bike Pivot is.

Here is the review I put in Mountain Bike Review on the Mach 429

Ric Van Der Linden

I am Not a Paid Consultant


I purchased my Mach 5.7 about 3 months ago. It was a gift to myself after completing 5 years of alimony. I was replacing an 11 year old Ellsworh Joker.

All my buddies have gulped the Kool-Aid and are on some sort of 29 inch bike. Not me, baby. I realize you make a 29er, but I don't see what all the rage is with those things. "But you'll be able to just roll over everything with a 29er." Yeah. Yeah.
I really didn't think that having a bike with this much travel and such improved geometry would make a difference in my climbing.

None of the wagon wheelers I ride with crush me on any climbs. At least none that aren't super fit, in which I probably couldn't beat them if I rode a lift up.

In fact I'm taking most of them on climbs and always on descents.

This bike rails on descents.

Congrats dudes! You have made a phenomenal bike and a very happy customer, one of many, I'm sure.
- Robert
"Friends don't let friends Facebook or ride Niners."
NOT sent from an iPhone

Mach 4 is No BS

Hello Adam, I thought I would share some feedback on my recent purchase and build of a Mach 4. For comparison purposes I have been riding longer travel trail bikes for the last 6 years or so. I have been an avid Santa Cruz fan (and still am) and have owned the Heckler, Nomad and most recently still own and ride a BLT daily. I wanted a second bike that was lighter, quicker, etc than what I already had. I have hesitated getting a new bike because I did not want the twitchy, nervous style of XC bike I used to ride.

So after a lot of thought and shopping around I left my SC stable and I decided to try your bike sight-unseen. The reviews were positive, the names behind the design were strong and I wanted something different. But I had a feeling this might be the one. Either way I had to try it. Your claims were bold and I almost wanted to be able to write this letter and say your claims are BS. (After 20 years of riding I have heard it all and so I can be cynical like that sometimes. No offense.)

So enough of all this. What do I think? Your claims are not BS. The chain line is great. I love big ring riding and this suits my style with little crossover when riding big-big. The frame linkage is VERY stiff for sure. The small bump compliance has to be felt to be believed.

I think this bike might very well solve the paradox between a super plush ride and excellent pedaling performance and efficiency. These two features in the past seem to have been mutually exclusive. I thought my BLT did a good job of balancing these. And it does. This is just better…by a mile. (I realize this is not an XC to XC comparison but I have ridden other XC bikes while shopping around and none made we want to rush out and buy one) I was worried about how this bike would be downhill. I worried about having a harsh suspension to get good efficiency. I worried about nervous handling. I was worried for nothing. I love the way this bike rides, handles, descends, pedals and climbs. I love everything about it. I am most blown away by how this bike moves forward when laying power down. Even with modest power it seems to almost do it by itself (if only right?)

So my friends are all a little worried now because they could never quite understand how I could ride my big bikes so fast. Now they see me on my sub 25lb bright blue Pivot and they openly wonder about being able to keep up. I say good luck.

I also say good job on your home run. I hope you sell a lot of bikes and make a lot of people happy like me.

Best regards, Doug

PS I am very interested in how your Mach 5 might replace my BLT. Yikes! Did I really say that?

My Search for the Ultimate Mountain Bike

Ten weeks ago, after a great summer of mountain biking in Utah, I set out to find the best mountain bike on the market. I love the burn of a long aggressive climb, followed by the thrill of a long, fast descent. So I was searching for the best cross-country bike made.

I started visiting bike shops all along the Wasatch Front, seeking information about good quality cross-country bikes. I gathered information, product catalogs, and the personal preferences of the guys running many of the bike shops. Next I jumped on the web, looking for more information and product reviews. After reviewing the information and revisiting several bike shops, I started to demo the top bikes I had researched. After riding several bikes, I really refined my search.

A friend of mine let me ride his Cannondale Rush on a few rides. We have a local trail that has four or five miles of great down hill with all kinds of different terrain. While riding the Rush that day I knew I had to have a bike with at least the comfort of the Rush and with the nimble feel that you were in control and hugging that trail at full speed.

In Utah we also have some great trails that rise above 10,000 feet in elevation. After riding several of these trails I knew I needed a light, aggressive climbing bike. The best climbing bike I found was the Cannondale Scalpel 1 with a full carbon frame. After four hours of aggressive climbing on the Scalpel, I knew the feel I was after for climbing. For all of its strengths in climbing, it did not handle rocky terrain or the down hill very well, so the search continued.

The one thing that most of the bikes that I rode lacked was the ability to shoot through trails covered with midsized rocks and other obstacles. The bike that best met this need was the Titus Racer X. It held true on very difficult trails. It also dug in on the uphill climb because of the Clevis-style Horst Link.

Now all I needed was one bike that had the feel and the strengths that I had selected as my base criteria. So back to the bike shops I went. After a few more test rides, hours of talking to riders and shop techs, I narrowed my search to the Titus Racer X Carbon and a new bike on the mountain, the Pivot Mach 4. Several bike shop owners and managers gave great reviews on the Pivot; I started searching for a bike to demo. I soon discovered that all the demo bikes in Utah had been sold as the main season wound down.

I didn’t give up on my search; a friend of mine found a Pivot Mach 4 in Moab and road it. He told me I had to get on one, and see for myself how nice of a ride it was. So Saturday morning, November 1st, at 8:30 a.m. a friend of mine and I met Rob and Jason from Pivot Cycles in Moab, Utah. They walked us through how the Pivot bikes need to be set up, to get the most from the bike. Setting the bike up right, will turn a good ride into a fantastic one. After a few minutes of setting the bike up for me, we were ready to hit Amasa Back trail in Moab. Fortunately for us, Rob with Pivot Cycles joined us on the ride.

As we started up the trail I was amazed at how the Mach 4 ate up the rocks on the trail. If you have been on that trail, you know there is no shortage of rocks. The Mach 4 absorbed the rocks like no other bike I had ever been on. Talk about smooth, it was smoother going up hill than what I had set as my standard for down hill.

What was also amazing was that it was not only smooth climbing up and over the rocks, but the traction was the best I had experienced. As I got on the pedals, the bike shot forward taking all my energy and moving forward instead of loosing energy to the suspension. It didn’t matter if I had the suspension set for climbing or for down hill, the Pivot, Mach 4 didn’t have any pedal squat. Wow, what a climber!

After climbing for a little while, we had to try some down hill. We rode back down a few sections of trail. I could not believe it was only a 4” travel bike. I thought it absorbed the rocks going up, it really absorbed them going down hill. Braking on the down hill was great as well. I didn’t experience any brake jack. The bike was nimble, easy to throw around, yet capable of handling everything the trail had to give me.

I was so pleased with the bike; I had to let my friend ride it. I took the Racer X we had brought to compare the Pivot against, and let him take the Mach 4. Only a minute or two on the Racer X and I wanted the Pivot back. The Titus would power through the terrain, but it was not the plush ride that the Pivot offered. My friend was impressed as he rode up and down a few sections of the trail. He too was sold on the performance of the Pivot Mach 4.

I got the Pivot back and finished the climb on the Amasa Back trail. There were several steep climbs where I stood up on the pedals to again test the Mach 4, with the suspension wide open, and it climbed with all the power I could give it. I was impressed that it absorbs the rocks and bumps better than any cross country bike I had been on, yet never robbed me of the power I needed to climb the aggressive hills.

After a short break at the top to talk and enjoy the beautiful view in Moab, we hit the trail to come back down. The Pivot delivered an impressive down hill ride. It shot through the midsized rocks that bounce most bikes around, and handled the jumps like a five inch travel bike. Pivot has hit a home run with this bike.

After stopping for lunch and reviewing all the benefits of the Mach 4, we talked Rob into letting us take the Mach 4 on one more ride. We wanted to try a different kind of terrain, so we took the bike out on the Slick-Rock trail. Once again the bike delivered a stellar performance. I couldn’t believe how it climbed, it performs better than a hard tail, yet delivers a nimble comfortable ride. I felt like me and the bike were one.

After a full day of riding, I still felt like I could have just kept on riding. I felt great for that much time in the saddle. I was more than impressed with the performance of this bike. I wonder if the employees at Pivot really realize what they have? I can honestly say after months of searching, I have found the best cross country mountain bike on the market. I have found my next mountain bike—The Pivot, Mach 4.

Leon Clark

Business Manager and biking enthusiast

Pivot Love Down Under

I am now a proud owner of a Mach 4. Over the last 5 years I have enjoyed riding a Santa Cruz Blur, but during recent months I have been on the lookout for something that I thought might be an improvement over the Blur. I do enjoy the technology involved in nice mountain bikes and have been waiting for some kind of advancement that would offer me something special. I had considered some of the newer Carbon Fibre suspension bikes, but I am not yet convinced that full carbon and rock gardens are a great match up.

Then a friend mentioned the new Pivots – after a fair bit of internet researching, it was obvious that these new Pivots were employing some newer technology and ideas, so I became very interested. Now after a few rides, I am delighted with the purchase.

It is easy enough to read great technical reviews about the Mach 4 on various web sites, so I won’t bore you with more of the same. But what impresses me is that when I am riding the Mach 4, I look down and notice things like the down tube sitting across to the left instead of in the middle. I notice the main pivot also positioned to the left and the rear end of the pivot further offset. I notice the lack of a front derailleur clamp. I notice the pivot point located in a position that is almost impossible on a normal frame.

Do all these strange differences make it a better bike? Who knows – it seems to. But the reason I am impressed is because I know that the designers obviously dispensed with the usual design constraints and designed this bike from a “clean sheet” and with open minds. What they came up with was a design that puts things where they need to be, and not where its just easy to put them.

I know that I am riding a bike that was “designed” and not just copied or upgraded. Well done Pivot Cycles – thanks for adding to my riding enjoyment.

Mach 4 Is The Best

Having ridden various styles of frame from hardtails to freeride frames, from Trek to Cannondale, I can honestly say the Pivot Mach 4 is the best frame I have ever rideen. The design of the wheel path and the DW Link provide a plush suspension and yet bob free ride. Your efforts in a pedal stroke are delivered entirely to the forward movement of the bike every time. This results in an effecient and yet compliant ride unseen before in the MTB design world. Pivot have overcome so many design floors that are continuously presented. Seemingly simple and yet powerful design features (larger bottom bracket, E-type derailer and stiff rear triangle) that translate into a comfortable, compliant and effecient ride no matter the conditions. The geometry is outstanding; the head angle isn't too aggressive but never lets you feel like you need more control. The cockpit and wheel span are beautifully spaced and in good balance. The geometry allows you to race short course cross country or sit in the saddle and comfortably complete a 24 hr solo. Not quite as light as some of the carbon blah blahs but the superb ride quality and finish are worth their weight in gold.


I purchased this frame at the beginning of the season before Australia had a distributor and had to pay import taxes, exchanges and more. Worth every cent!! And now Australia has a distributor, I recommend Pivot to all who ask about the sexy bike I'm riding.


Well done Pivot!

Thanks Adam and I hope I can send photos of the podium next time.


Pivot Mach 5 and the Yeti 575

Here it is, if you are interested; my completely biased and skewed review of the Pivot Mach 5 and the Yeti 575. As you know, I am a Chris Cocalis groupie from way back. Chris built my first Titus FCR hardtail in 92 and I'm still riding it. The other six Cocalis era Tituses in our garage also continue to be ridden and loved. The Motolites, however are tired, hence the exploration into their eventual replacement. Believe it or not, the 99 motolite is my first ever FS bike so my knowledge consists of Horst link suspension and what I hear or read in the magazines or online. Chris lives where we live and rides where we ride, mainly South Mountain. He was building long travel trail bikes 10 years ago long before everyone was doing it, because that's what our mountain calls for. Of course I was excited when he teamed up with Dave Weagle to design the Pivot. Pete and many others urged us to also check out the Yeti 575.

Both bikes feel very comfortable. The Yeti did seem a bit tall in comparison, although L's spreadsheet tells us the BB heights are comparable. In spite of the tall feel, I hit my cranks many times on the Yeti test ride; random? or due to pedal bob? One trick of the pivot is that they went with an internal headset that significantly lowers the front end height; kind of cool if you like to run tall forks like we do. The Pivot did feel a tiny bit quick steering and I did feel like I was looking over the front of my wheel on the waterfall. They had a 110 stem and and 32 Talas on there, so I think this will be corrected by my 90mm stem, 150mm fork. The yeti steered kinda slow with a 32 talas and 90mm stem. Might be slower with the marz 55 or Z1 that we will run. I think L calculated a 68 HA on the pivot with our forks and a 67 HA on the yeti.

The Yeti rode kind of like the motolite only better. It climbs great and soaks up all the bumps large and small. It did bob slightly but noticeably. I suppose I could've turned the pro pedal on, but I never remember to do that sort of thing anyway on a ride. On the descent we were a little surprised that it felt a bit harsh. We had heard all about its plushness, but did not experience it. I did get a bit of bucking bronco feel, which improved somewhat when I slowed down the rebound. Still I was underwhelmed by its descending feel. I was using all of the travel, so less air probably not an option. In the air, the yeti performs like the 4 bar; you have to really compress and preload to launch. In the air, we thought the frame felt a little long. Landings were fine.

The Pivot has a totally different ride. It feels the worst on the fire road; it seemed like I felt every small bump. Not quite as harsh as a hardtail, but definetly more harsh than ML or 575. On the trail, this feeling disappears and the bike becomes a climbing machine. I had read about the rearward axle path of the DW link rolling over the square edged bumps and its for real. The yeti and moto have a dead feel over these bumps but the pivot rolls on up. I do a lot of standing to climb and this bike does that great. There is no bobbing whatsoever, pro pedal in off position. Seated climbing good too. We got to the top thinking party over; it climbed so well it will have to suck on the descent. To the contrary, I had more fun coming down Natl on this bike than I think I have ever had, FR bike included. The bike seems to just fly down the trail, but in total control; The bike seemed to disappear from under me on the rough stuff. I literally could not feel the rear suspension working, because I could feel nothing (but the harsher fox AIR fork). Popping it into the air was effortless and it was easy to place it back down where I wanted and continue on. Very flickable. The Pivot felt feather light and the YEti just felt heavy, even though both weighed in at about 27 lbs. The Pivot rides like no other bike I have ever ridden. It feels like cheating. Pivot says the production frames sport a fox shock with softer valving than the proto demo. It should ease up the small bump compliance. I cant wait to ride it with my Z1 on it.

Yep, they are on order ;)

Love Through Speedgoat


About 18 months ago you helped me "settle" on a Pivot Mach 429 to replace my cracked 29er. I'm just checking in to say that I'm as in love with this bike as I was the day it arrived.  It's amazing to ride and, among other epic rides, it brough me to the finish line of the Leadville 100 in 2010.

Although I'm returning to trialthlon this season, my Pivot is still a HUGE part of my training program.  I get out on it at least once a week on the dirt, and it continues to transport me back to my 14-year-old self grinning wide as I tear through the woods.   It's the envy of my mountain biking buddies... all of whom have spent as much or more than me. LOL. Even better is that the reviews of the Pivot (as you pointed out to me) are a testament to well the bike rides.
So, thanks again. 
Very satisfied customer...

From Our Desert to Yours

After months of riding nearly every bike in our rental fleet and testing demos at Outerbike, and in Tucson-- it finally started: the count down delivery days for when my Mach 5.7 would arrive.

That pretty Pivot parcel was delivered in the shed at the Poison Spider Bike Shop the day BEFORE my weekend started. Perfect ! When the FedEx delivery arrived, I booked towards the driver with a solid 'hi-five'. I scribbled my name across the electronic device, then  dashed towards the bike box with a big hug. "Hooray, my very own bike is here, Yay!"

The weekend was starting out right; a drenching storm had just passed, and my bike arrived just for spring in Moab! What else is sweeter?  Well . . . check this, the following day prevailed with the flu-- BOO. So I couldn't even RIDE! Talk about-a buzz kill.

All the while my bike was being built, I lay there in my illness for nearly a week, dreaming about a stealth Mach 5.7, and where to brand a glossy blue spider sticker? What trail would do the honor? Who will join me?

Upon a mechanic's final test-ride (thank you Randy!), I endeavored my maiden voyage solo at the top of LPS... Smashing. Did I mention Porcupine is delicious? Hit my travel, passed some guys on the trail (who laughed when my drivetrain drank more water from my h20pack than I did), and loved, loved, LOVED every corner and drop.

The next day, I participated in the local's "Suffer & Send It" on Amasa and had soo much fun! Punchy pedaling, sweet descending, lots of fun! Super perfect for Moab.

Thanks for building a great bike. Since then, I've had this song stuck in my head, I'd like to claim I made it up, but you probably know it too... it goes like this:  " I love my new bike, I love my new bike . . . Yay-!"  :-) Been riding every chance-- with many compliments . . . I THANK YOU ALL.

Also, I'm from Phoenix so it's nice to represent.

Cheers, from our desert to yours.


Loving It

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help in getting the Mach 5.7!  I am absolutely LOVING it!  I'm getting more accustomed to riding with a fork that doesn't lower in travel and actually finding out that by changing body position I can climb pretty much everything I was climbing with the 100mm Talas!  BUT, what's even cooler is that I'm cleaning more things than what I had on my Yeti, especially in the tighter technical terrain — both in climbing and descending!
You have an amazing bike that not only is a great climbing bike — but is super smooth on the downhill stuff as well!  I honestly think it's more stable and more responsive on the downhill, switchback type of riding I've been doing!  Although I'm still working on getting back into fitness shape, I'm actually excited to get out and ride to see what this bike will do! 
Thanks again Chris!  When I can be enthusiastic and excited about a bike I'm riding— the girls will get excited about it as well and want to ride the same bike.  When I can clean stuff and they WANT to clean the same stuff, it encourages them to look more closely at the bike I'm riding.  I'm excited!  :)

Pivots custom display

Jax Bicycle Center getting creative with their Pivot display.  Bikes look in ther element.